People in the Major Arcana


People in the Major Arcana

Who and what are the mysterious characters and archetypes that we see on the cards.  People sometimes manifest themselves as characters in the Major Arcana. Usually, when a card in the Major Arcana represents a person, he or she is likely to have a profound impact on the person’s life.

The Fool
The Fool represents someone who is just starting out in pursuit of a path. This person is usually inexperienced in what he or she is about to start doing and will have to learn the skills necessary to ensure success. Many times The Fool is actually the querent in the reading. As we change from path to path throughout our life.

The Magician
The Magician is someone who has just completed his or her training and now needs to go out and create their own destiny based upon what they have learned. They are also somewhat smooth talkers, and things do not appear, as they seem. Therefore, caution must be exercised when dealing with this person because he or she may be an adept confidence artist and may only be fooling themselves with their own nievety.

The High Priestess
The High Priestess is an independent woman who can carry with her a lot of emotional scars that are the reason she is not able to form harmonious relationships with others. Actually, her independence is merely a facade, because in reality she yearns for closeness, but fears rejection. Because The High Priestess has been hurt by those she trusted, she has learned to rely on herself instead of placing her self-worth into the hands of others.

The Empress
The Empress is an older woman who may be the motherly figure of the family. She has power merely because she gave birth to her family clan. If she is of a jealous disposition she can wreak havoc on the lives of outsiders who seek to come into the family unit.

The Emperor
The Emperor is a powerful man. Even if he is not the designated boss, he nevertheless has the power to influence a person’s career or destiny. Some readers regard him as the Wise Man mainly due to his vast experience and worldly knowledge and expertise.

The Hierophant
The Hierophant is usually a religious person or teacher who possesses much wisdom and knowledge. He can sometimes be regarded as the Pope in who all of us recognise as Gods earthly representative.

The Lovers
As persons, The Lovers are a couple in-love. Because both persons in this union are in the first stages of courtship, they do not yet realise that the other is not a perfect human being. There is also someone who can be seen as an intruder into a relationship and much skill will be necessary to effectively deal with him or her.

The Chariot
The Chariot is someone who is always on the move. He or she will ultimately find success because he is persistent and will never accept defeat.

Strength is often a strong-willed individual who is usually in a position of leadership. These people are often not the official leaders, but have been elected by their peers as the group’s unofficial leader because of their level-headedness and good judgement. Often this person has had to encounter many trials, which gives him or her the wisdom to make sound decisions. Strength can manifest as a person who enjoys the company of animals.

The Hermit
The Hermit is somewhat of a loner who is more comfortable in his own company. Many times The Hermit manifests as the querent in the reading because all of the Answers they seeks are actually within. So until the querent obtains the Answers from within a period of solitude will persist.

The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune is someone who the querent was Karmicly destined to meet in order to bring about life-changing events. They could also bring with them a period of luck for the querent which may last for some period of time.

Justice is a rational, logical person who generally acts as a mediator. He or she does not let emotional ties get in the way of their judgements and therefore don’t lose any sleep if anyone is unhappy with the decision they have made. They bring a sense of balance to a situation.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man is somewhat of a martyr who tends to live life based on faith rather than taking control of his or her own destiny. They have dug themselves into a rut and fail to see anyway of getting out. Sometimes we all go through this at different periods in our lives. A type of complacency, unable to break free.

Death is someone who brings about profound and extreme changes. Unlike the Hanged Man, this person gives a sense of reality back into our lives and allows us the freedom to now start making the changes necessary to change inwardly as well as externally.

Temperance takes life easy and doesn’t do anything in extremes because his or her ultimate goal is equilibrium. They could also test certain situations that have manifested over the past, which the querent has been unable or failed to test themselves.

The Devil
The Devil is someone who is involved with earthly pursuits, a strong character who may also have sexual, hidden agendas. He or she may not necessarily be a friend, but the querent must work with this person in some way before they can progress unto other levels of reality.

The Tower
The Tower is someone who shakes things up a bit. He or she often causes a lot of animosity because people don’t generally like change, which must inevitably transpire if we are to evolve. Unlike the Wheel which mat be destined to happen, this person is more deliberate in their intentions.

The Star
The Star is someone who brings hope to the querent. It is unlikely they will fulfil their dreams, but without hope there is no future to dream of. The querent must have belief in something to enable them to pursue their dreams and so bring positiveness back into their life.

The Moon
The Moon is very illusive. A confused soul due to past emotional upheavals which they still carry with them in the present, At times The Moon can be insecure as well as insincere, so the querent must watch carefully for any deceit and must never regard this person as on the same level as themselves.

The Sun
The Sun is happy and cheerful. He or she brings along a lot of illumination and can be a breath of fresh air to the weary. Suddenly life becomes worth living again. The Sun, however, can at times be arrogant and may consider him or herself to be superior in some way to the querent.

Judgement is usually someone with whom the (querent has had dealings in a past life and they have agreed to meet up with again in this life to settle some unfinished business. Judgement can be positive or negative, but his or her influence depends mainly on what has transpired ages ago.

The World
The “World brings with him or her the final events to a scenario that has reached its conclusion. After meeting the person represented by The World, the querent will need to begin a new path because the situation has been resolved. A strong possibility for worldly travel could open up to the querent due to the influence of this person.

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