Can a Tarot reading really help my marriage?


How can a Tarot card reading help my marriage?

Many of my clients ask me this question and many other types of questions besides. Of course every client has a different set of circumstances than the next one and it’s down to me to give them the right answer. Phew! I have never thought of myself as being magic, mystical, psychic or even God, that would be too presumptuous and big-headed of me, to say the least. The way I look at myself in the way I read Tarot and other divinatory systems is what you might call, ‘a councillor of people’s problems’. I suppose it’s like going to your doctor to find out what that pain in your back is and he/she, through diagnoses and questions is able to give you an answer. I am not making any comparisons between a doctor, who is highly skilled and trained  in the medical practices and a Tarot card reader but even doctors can make mistakes. Why do they? Simply because they are human, just like everyone else, and so to can Tarot readers make mistakes. Yes, we are human too. With any kind of reading, just like a doctors’ diagnostics, you may not be able to find the exact cause of the problem and so have to improvise in some way to come up with a plausible answer. If you don’t then the client will do two things, the first, is to never use that reader again and the second is tell everyone they know how useless you are and to not use you in the future.

I have no intentions of defending the Tarot card reader here simply because, ‘it’s a belief system’ that is used, and unlike medicine is not a recognised science, in any way shape or form. The client usually has some belief in what is told them in a reading, in that it is true, at least as far as they are concerned. There is one major point I need to emphasize here and that is that we are all born with, ‘freewill’. Freewill being the main human reason in everything that we do. So no matter what answers we give our clients they don’t necessarily have to abide by it, they can just go ahead and disregard all that we have told them. It’s their choice, not ours as a reader.

And so to the question in hand, “How can a Tarot card reading help my marriage”? The answer is, “it can’t”. The only thing that will help them is that they have come to us, as a reader and disclosed to us information that is private and confidential and in doing so expect some form of answer, be it the right one or in some cases, the wrong one.

To summarise this interesting topic, as Tarot readers we are all different just like our clients and so would be expected to be unique and professional in our art of performing the Tarot card reading. As I have stated earlier, I honestly believe that what I do is purely a counselling roll to my clients, in that I have a very good understanding of their problems and situations and so can analyse and diagnose, with the help of the Tarot cards as a tool of my trade. I can not perform miracles as some people may suggest.

Tarot card reading is an art-form and a very dignified one at that. I have dealt with thousands of clients worldwide and hopefully performed my art in a truly professional and dignified way for everyone that I have had the pleasure and privilege to work for.

To become a successful Tarot card reader takes a very long time, just like any other profession and to take it lightly as many people seem to do these days can only detract and deteriorate this very skilful, wondrous and mystical art.


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  1. Respectfully, as a reader with over fourty years of experience, I’d have to disagree here.

    First,sometimes a reader cannot get clear information on a topic. That’s because the staistical possibilities for different possible futures are so evenly balanced that there is no one most likely future( a side effect of Free Will …). At that point, the professional reader needs to say that, not try and come up with something that sounds plausible. People come to us, for the most part, for information, and we hve an obligation to give them what we get, even if sometimes it is “answer unclear…ask again later”

    Also a good reading can help a marriage. Not because the reading itself fixes things, but because it gives the querant the information that he or she needs to make better choices, which can help the marriage to improve.

    As you say, we counsel and advise, as opposed to working miracles. That said, we owe it to our clients to do the best job of that possible. Teaching them about Free Will and how they can use the info from a reading to make the most of that is a part of this calling



    • Thank you Catherine for your reply.

      Obviously you haven’t grasped the theme of what is being conveyed here. Of course as a reader you should never, I repeat never, fob a client off with bad or incorrect advice. When I wrote – I quote ” With any kind of reading, just like a doctors’ diagnostics, you may not be able to find the exact cause of the problem and so have to improvise in some way to come up with a plausible answer.” The answer is not what you tell the client, but the answer being what you as a reader have assimilated in your own mind. If you read again this article I think you will find with many of my teachings, writings, topics and readings etc you will notice that I am in a constant struggle to fight off the so-called charlatans of this fine art who believe they can make a quick buck by unprofessional attitudes and lies along with many sceptics etc. I apologise for misleading you in any way but as a reader of many years I would expect a more positive response than the one given to my article. I would suggest though, you visit my website and try gain some form of understanding from where I stand in regards to faith systems overall before you make any further derogatory remarks, which in turn could detract from what I not only write, but believe and feel. Tarot is not a science, recognised or not therefore the client must be protected at all times regardless of their requests for an answer. Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly that if the answer assimilated by the reader is deemed unsatisfactory then the reader must explain this to the client at the time of reading and request a further reading at some later date. I hope this reply is sufficient enough to placate your comment and will join with me in the quest to eradicate those who wish to lie and deceive those who need this service if only to reduce their anguish and fears that they may have to face in the future.
      Yours sincerely
      Simon Bloom


  2. The title of this topic is purely an eye catcher as used in many articles by charlatans and get quick-rich merchants to steer their prey into a nice cosy trap. Don’t be fooled all the time……….


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