Free Email Tarot Readings


Free Email Tarot Readings by Cybee

I will be casting five (5) FREE Tarot readings by Email per day, every day. So first come first served, and you can’t have more than 2 per week. At least this way, everyone will get a fair share.

Free Tarot card readings are available 365 days of the year. To get your FREE reading just fill out the form below and click send.

You should receive your Free reading within 48 hours of sending your request. If you have not received your reading within the time scale, please Email Cybee to let him know.


About Cybee

Hello and welcome. For over 30 years I have read, studied and taught Tarot. I have my own Official Tarot/Astrology Website for people who would like to learn more and possibly become a Tarot reader in their own right. It is all FREE and everyone is welcome to join. Official Website and it's ALL FREE.

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    Until further notice I am unable to do any more Free email Tarot readings. This is due to the overwhelming response for free readings. I have got over 270 email readings to cast over the coming months and at the moment they are just piling up in my mailbox.
    On a daily basis I’m doing about 5 email readings a day, that is to say, I have to cast the reading then type it all out and email it, which takes a large amount of my time each day.
    Don’t worry peeps, you can still have a free reading but it wont be for a few months yet, so please bear with me until then.
    I’ll post a sticky once I have cleared the majority of the backlog so keep your eyes peeled.

    In the meantime I’ll still be casting Free Astrology charts and reports if you wish to try them out.

    Thank you all for your support and responses.


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