How Accurate is Divination? – Part 2


It’s not often I get the old soapbox out, yawn! Just sometimes you have to try and stop the onslaught from that ubiquitous and meandering lava-flow that some of us may attribute the words, “I told you so. Now do you believe me!”.  Do you find yourself thinking words like, coincidence, fate, destiny, deja vu, fluke and so-on, especially when you can’t explain something that’s just happened, has been said or thought of? Of course you do! Everybody does and why shouldn’t they? There is nothing wrong with accepting that sometimes, we don’t have to try and explain, what may or may not have just happened. What might be an important fact to point out here, is that whatever we just experienced and in whatever shape or form, there is no human or logical, day-to-day, earth-dwelling reason how it can be explained.

So should we accept this, what might be termed as, phenomena, and put it all down to, ‘The wonders of the universe’, ‘Gods influence or intervention’, ‘Alien activities’ or simply, ‘It didn’t happen’ and move on in blind ignorance.

….to be continued.

Please feel free to comment, feedback is good for inspiration and always fuels the old grey matter.

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