I am going to start with a very good friend of mine who I have had the pleasure to know for many years now. He has given me permission to write this story but I will change his name to SAM. He has always been a fairly positive person for most of his life but due to certain circumstances over the past 5 or 6 years his life has changed dramatically. Sam came out of hospital a few years back after a very serious illness to find part of his flat had been burned out. Yet today he is as positive as anyone I know. What makes this guy keep going with all the bad luck he keeps having, I ask myself?

Well, Sam is one of those people no matter what happens to him, he just keeps going regardless. So I asked him how he does it. And what he said surprised me immensely. His actual words were, “I just keep my life simple and it works”. ‘People cloud their minds and judgement with all the wrong things these days. People just want material things to keep them happy. That’s wrong and people should start to look at life differently. I only give and never take, this gives me a sense of strong emotional feelings that make me feel good and happy. Anyway, what is life for if not for giving, I don’t see the pleasure of taking and wanting all the time, it just puts too much stress in ones life. The only other thing is laughter, you can’t beat a good laugh. If I can make someone laugh or smile then it makes me happy too’. When I see Sam and sit down with him to talk, he does one thing that very few people can do. He inspires me with the things he says and some of the things he does at times. He likes to prove things about the human nature, constantly.

I was having a conversation one day, when Sam was in hospital and he said to me, people don’t listen to a word you say! Why? I asked with some astonishment. Well listen to this and I will prove it, he said. A doctor came in on his rounds and visited every patient on the ward. He then came to Sam and went through his notes, checking this and that he turned to Sam and said “We are going to have to operate on you, it’s called a ———– operation.” Sam instantly replied Oh good I wanted to have one of those done, which, the Doctor never reacted to at all. He just carried on explaining about why he had to do this operation and that he was very sorry to keep Sam in hospital but also that there was a chance he could die from the operation or further operations may be necessary. To which Sam replied. I don’t mind, you’ve got your job to do and who better to perform it on but me. The doctor smiled and started to walk out of the ward then stopped, turned around and said to Sam. It’s ok, don’t be afraid you’ll be all right. After the doctor and his entourage of nurses and doctors had left, Sam turned to the patient in the next bed and said. “I don’t think he heard a word I said to him.” I was certain he hadn’t too. So let’s all take something positive from this. Listen to others around you and be aware of what is really happening. If you just stay wrapped up in your own feelings and thoughts how can you know what is going on around you day in and day out.

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