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Womblenet and Googlefied


Underground, Overground I’m Womblenet free
I can do anything, cause Google-fied me,
This is my kind of life and no one sees me
I just like to pull the strings, of morons and their kind
Nobody can see the mess, I always leave behind

I can do whatever I please I’m Womblenet free
And no one can stop me, cause Google-fied me,
This is my kind of life and no one sees me
Tweets that make you wonder and one’s that make you scream
Those are all the Tweets that show, everywhere I’ve been

When I wake-up in the morning and switch on my TV
It’s just so plain and boring, so I Womblenet for free
If I could maybe change the world I’d give everything for free
Nobody should ever suffer or ever have to strive
We have to share the duty and keep our world alive

So come on everybody and sing this song with me
Womblenet, Womblenet, Womblenet for free
We can change the hearts and minds, cause Google-fied me
Use these tools for good and kind, don’t sit there mystified
Use them all to save the world and the future of mankind.

The Chicken or the Egg?


What came first? The Tarot or Playing Cards.

I am often asked this question and it is very difficult to answer as there really isn’t an answer, purely because, nobody actually knows unless they could travel back in time and solve this puzzle. Many, many writers and scholars of the subject believe they have the answer to which came first and can prove it but then along comes someone else who says they can disprove it and this will carry on until the end of time. That is, unless time travel is invented and I am pretty sure that nobody will travel back in time just to find out who was right and who was wrong.

Therefore I am going to give a some historic facts and theories to try to put peoples minds at rest and let them decide for themselves.

Let’s go back a few thousand years to the Egyptians, Indians and Chinese peoples of our plant. Many of the Taroists of the 19th century believed through their own research along with fellow colleagues of the time that some kind of symbolism was being used in religion, spiritualism, magic and other occult systems and it was also used for the foretelling of the future, things to come, and fortune. Now as we all know, nobody can see the actual and factual future because if they could then they would be very rich and famous, and certainly rule the human race. This is fact and undoubtedly reality. I am a realist and believe in nothing except the truth, facts, seeing, touching and communicating with reality. If I honestly believe something works to improve someones life in any way then I would use it. Back to the subject in hand. I said that I would give you some historic facts, well I could copy and paste thousands of words but I’m not, instead I will give you as many links as I know of that will explain how and where Tarot originated. These links will give you the information required to not only understand the theories these occultists believed in but also how they themselves argued amongst themselves ultimately trying to be the first one who could prove that they had found the answers to all the questions.

Links and References

The Pictoral Key to the Tarot
by A.E. Waite [1911]
This is the essential Tarot reference by the designer of the best known Tarot deck.

The Tarot of the Bohemians
by Papus; tr. A. P Morton, [1896]
This is a detailed study of the esoteric roots of the Tarot. I have some suspicions about the actual claims that Papus makes in this document.

by S.L. MacGregor Mathers [1888]
This is a short essay on the Tarot, by a prominent occultist of the 19th Century. Mathers also wrote The Kabbalah Unveiled.

The Symbolism of the Tarot
by P. D. Ouspensky [1913]
An evocative inner journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

General Book of the Tarot
by A.E. Thierens [1930]
A system of correspondences between the Tarot and Astrology.

Fortune-Telling by Cards
by P.R.S. Foli [1915]
Several methods of telling fortunes with a standard deck of playing cards.
The Library

An electronic library with some of the most fundamental Authors on Tarot. Loads more links in here.

Is This The Origin of The Tarot?

During my long and tireless research into the Universal areas of Mystical truths, facts and some myths, I came across this very interesting article in that some very highly acclaimed writers, teachers and students of the Tarot believe that the “Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo” is the origin or beginnings of the Tarot.
Personally, I don’t have an opinion in this argument but find it very intriguing that certain scholars of the Tarot do believe it’s true.
You can have a look at the document or book that gives all the detailed descriptions from many, many scholars and experts who have seen and examined the tablet in detail. I am not going to copy the whole document into this topic but will give a reply to this topic with the details of the argument.
Here is a link to the full book….Isiac Tablet of Cardanal Bembo

Daily Spread – 7/6/2019





Ace of Cups

External Meaning: The beginning of great love, joy, spiritual enlightenment, perfection, beauty. Family love and true friend-ships. Birth.
Esoteric Meaning: Root of the power of water.
Energy: Water.
Recent influences: Any recent influences that may impact on the day.

The Fool
External Meaning: Space before a decision or choice is made. A new cycle is about to begin that the seeker will enter inexperienced. New and endless possibilities.
Esoteric Meaning: The spirit of Aether. The limitless energy of spirit. Folly. Idea.
Energy: Air.
The Day card: This is the DAY CARD which reflects the present situation and implications over the whole day or 24 hours.

King of Pentacles
External Meaning: A shrewd, established man who has made a success of his business or vocation. A chief of industry, he is intelligent and world-wise. He has a down-to-earth nature, is sensible and protective of those he loves.
Esoteric Meaning: Lord of the wild and fertile land; king of the spirits of earth.
Energy: Taurus; Fixed Earth.

Spread Notes
Possible Outcome: Card 3 reflects on both cards 1 and 2 and may provide answers to any outcome over the coming days.

I heard it through the Tarot-line.


Chapter Two

Several minuets later the supervisor caught my attention and waved me into the office. She had the phone in her hand but the microphone was covered. She explained to me that the girl’s mother had just phoned and told her that she was 21 years old and the supervisor was going to put her through to my phone in 2 minuets and that I should accept the call and do the reading for this girl. I said ok and went back to my desk and got my cards ready for the reading.

The call came in and the supervisor put it through to me and I accepted the call and started talking to the young girl. As I started to lay the cards out I really didn’t like what I was seeing unfolding in the spread before me. I explained to the girl that the cards were detailing some pretty negative signs and that maybe because of the mix up on the first call this could be why. The girl said that she was fine and would like to carry on regardless of what I might tell her. This was probably one of the most difficult readings of my life, but still she kept urging me on to complete the reading. As I neared the end of the reading I started to get quite emotional and noticed my voice toning down to a whisper. I had already told her some quite upsetting things and this was going to be very hard for her to understand just what I was about to reveal to her. She still insisted I carry on to the end of the reading.

I came to the end of the reading and explained that I was going to summarize the whole reading followed by my conclusion. I had to find a way of explaining to her that even though she was very young, only 21 years old that she may not reach a more mature age and that her life may be quite short indeed. At this point I started to cry and she knew that. She paused for a moment and then said, “Simon, don’t be upset because I’m not and you have given me the most honest and truthful reading I have ever had.” She had phoned many Tarot lines and never heard what she needed to hear she said and I was the first. I couldn’t believe how calm she was considering what I had just revealed to her. Even now she was very happy with what I had told her. She then started to tell me everything that had happened in her life.

She was born with a life-threatening disabling illness and was not expected to live more than a few months, let alone a few years. She had now reached the age of 21 and had spent most of her life in a wheelchair being cared for by her family.

She also new that very soon the illness was going to cut short her very young life and so did her family. The doctors had given her a few more months to live before the illness shut everything down and she would be gone.

I cried and sobbed on the end of that telephone for ages as she told me all about her life and her family and how happy they were all together. To put it into perspective, it absolutely broke my heart to speak to such a brave and inspiring person for so long and she never stopped smiling laughing for the whole time. When you have spent so many hours on the telephone doing a job like this you know when people are genuine. You can feel and sense it. Eventually she ended the call and I wished her all the happiness in the world before I said goodbye and put the phone down.

I stood up and went to my supervisors office and knocked on the door. She asked me to come in and close the door behind me. She looked up and I could see she had been crying and she said to me, “I thought I would monitor your call just in case I might have to cut it short, but once you got into it and she still wanted you to carry on I let it and just kept monitoring.” “What an amazing young girl was she.” said my supervisor. I know, I said and I’m sorry for getting so upset. Then the supervisors phone rang and it was the girls mother and she asked to speak to me. My supervisor told me take it at my desk and she will monitor just in case.

I waited for the call to be put through and picked the phone up to speak to the mother. The mother told me her name and said that she was so happy. She had never ever seen her daughter smile and laugh so much in all her life. I didn’t know how to respond to that remark and so I just said, as you do, I was only doing my job. The mother said no Simon, you did more than your job, you made my daughter laugh and be happy and that she was very grateful for taking the time and effort to be so kind to her. The whole experience was an absolute shock to me. I had never felt emotions like it in my whole life and now an even bigger shock was about to happen.

The mother asked what I was doing that Christmas and did I have any holidays planed over the festive break. I told her that the line was closed over Christmas and New Year and so I would be having my young son stay with me. She asked how old he was and his name. She then asked would I like to spend the time with her family in Scotland and that she would pay all travelling expenses and to bring my son too. She said it would be a great surprise for her daughter to meet me and my son and it would also mean so much to her to meet the only person to have ever made her daughter so happy.

I was unable to accept the invitation as I had already arranged to stay with people that Christmas, but thanked the mother for the offer and said that maybe we could visit them some time in the new year.

The young girl would ring me every time I was on shift for the next few weeks and sadly, after the Christmas break I came back to work to the sad news that the girl had passed away during the festivities and never heard from the mother again. A few weeks later I left the line and started a new job.

Horoscopes for May 2019




Look for a positive message to come your way on the 1st. Beware of saying too much on the 6th. Love is in the air around the 14th. Unexpected money is yours on the 22nd.


Give yourself some extra time if you travel from the 7th through the 9th. Love is in the air for you around the 14th. Prepare for the unexpected on the 18th. Friends are on your side on the 30th.


Energy levels are high and much can be accomplished, but avoid authority figures on the 1st and 2nd. Intuition is especially high on the 8th. Folks are more likely to see things your way after the 20th.


Energy levels are a bit low on the 3rd and 4th. You sparkle and shine on the 8th and 9th. Your creativity explodes around the 17th and 18th.


Career is a big focus for you this month. An idea for more money could be available on the 8th, while on the job ideas are yours from the 11th through the 13th. Friends become more important after the 20th.


Some ideas on how to improve your cash flow could be yours on the 1st and 2nd, but avoid authority figures those days as well. Intuition is high on the 8th. Travel beckons more strongly after the 20th.


Avoid an argument with your significant other from the7th through the 9th by keeping your own council. Love is in the air for you around the 14th. An idea to increase your cash flow could be yours on the 30th.


Be careful around authority figures on the 2nd and the 9th. Conversations flow and your partner may have a special surprise for you on the 13th or the 18th. Folks see things your way on the 17th.


Avoid an argument with your significant other on the 5th. Making up, however, is extremely pleasant on the 9th. You sparkle and shine on the 19th and the 20th.


Don’t let inner rumblings throw you off center on the 1st or the 7th. Creativity is especially high on the 11th. Others are especially likely to see things your way on the 21st and 22nd.


Inner intuition is especially strong on the 8th. An unexpected gift could come from your lover on the 18th. Taking action could improve your work scene on the 22nd.


Creativity is yours around the 8th. Ideas abound and writing comes easily for you around the 15th. You may feel a bit of inner irritation on the 29th but a pleasant change on the 30thputs you back into a positive mood.