The meaning of life and understanding it.


To understand the meaning of life, read “The Fool’s Journey” it gives a sense of what each of us have to go through on our journey through life. The experiences, the people and things that we encounter that shape who we are, our character and personality that we adopt and eventually, who we become but that is not the end, we still need to carry on learning, understanding even making more mistakes. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn by them and the same is with our achievements too. Every day that we spend on this planet is precious and taking it for granted is just a waste. To understand the real meaning of life I look through other peoples eyes to see and try to feel what they are going through, that’s why I read Tarot, to understand what the other person is going through at that moment in time. While researching the history of Tarot I have probably read hundreds of books and documents about the subject and more but someone once said or wrote, that reading and understanding the story of the Fool on his journey through life was quite real and then he said, “I have reached a point in my life and feel there is more to do, so I read the Fool’s Journey again but this time I started at the end read back to the beginning and suddenly I began to truly understand the meaning of life and what I should do next.”
I have also tried this and found that had I not made certain mistakes and choices in my life I may have become someone else entirely and would probably not be writing this article today. I now pass on my experience and knowledge to others through my readings and consulting and found that to give is far more fulfilling to me than to take. A lesson I should have learned many years ago.

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