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One Good Thing.


Everybody in this world should do one good thing!
Something that they will always be remembered for.
It doesn’t have to be great or heroic, it doesn’t have to be incredible.
It just has to be good. A gesture that shows others that life isn’t all bad.
And it should make you proud when you think about how it made you feel when you did it.
But it should never be used for your betterment, it should only make you feel humbled.
Goodness is for you to share with everyone around you, to give to others, like a free gift.
Never selective but always available, like a smile and not a frown. Feel free to give a hand to someone struggling.
Don’t pass them by but stop and help. It doesn’t cost anything to offer your assistance for that one moment in time.
Lastly, never ever take advantage of another person, no matter how weak or vulnerable they might be. If anything, support the weak and vulnerable even more than the stronger people around you. The stronger ones amongst us will always survive but still need good things just like the rest of us.
Let’s all try to do at least one good thing every day, you might be surprised just how good it really feels. When the world feels dark and nothing seems to matter anymore then take the opportunity to brighten up the day by just using a tiny bit of energy and smile.
There, you’ve don’t it. One good thing.

Astrology, Tarot, Psychics, Kabbalah, Spirituality, Divinatory systems, The Universe etc. FREE Library & Documents.



I have just added a link in the Blogroll on the right-hand menu, it’s the 3rd item down namedDocuments & Library for anyone wishing to share COT’s Library & Documents. For FREE. You will find a rich mixture of books and documents on Astrology, Tarot, Psychics, Kabbalah, Spirituality, Divinatory systems, The Universe etc. There are some very good reference books and documents along with many various topics on divination.

It’s well worth a look round and you never know, you just might come across that book or article you’ve been searching for, for ages.



Cybee’s on SKYPE

I have just downloaded the latest version of SKYPE Beta with Facebook, the free version. I’ve used SKYPE for a number of years now and find it very useful in the work that I do, Tarot, Astrology etc. It’s absolutely free to use as long as you are phoning, messaging, chatting to another SKYPE user by the internet, mobile phone or land-line, the cost is always free. This is the reason I chose it, specifically because it’s ideal for One-to-One Tarot readings. It’s versatile enough for live readings or by text chat and can be charged if payment is required at any point or just keep it simple and do just FREE Tarot Readings.

I have decided to test this SKYPE software to see how effective it can be in Live and Chat, for FREE Tarot Readings. I do have a small issue before I begin testing SKYPE!

I will need some volunteers to assist and help me to try and test this out.


For the next few weeks I will be available on most days, to do FREE Tarot Readings, using SKYPE. If you have SKYPE already then just click on the SKYPE Button below or click the big one on the right just below the LINK’s. If you don’t have SKYPE and want to try help me try it out and get a Free Tarot Reading at the same time, then please feel free.

Depending on how well the testing goes will also depend on how long this may take, initially a few weeks, and how effective it can be used as a tool to assist in Live Tarot Reading.

If all goes well and I get enough support from you, the public I will publish the results/statistics, no personal stuff, and include a short report on the viability to use SKYPE.

My status

‘Cybee’s Question Time’ or C Q T


C Q T – Stands for – ‘Cybee’s Question Time’

If you would like to ask Cybee a question related to, any of the subject matter contained in this blog, maybe you have a real niggling question that’s bugged you for some time or you may be getting some conflicting answers or information, or if all else fails for your quest for some kind of answer to some or even all of your questions! You can only ASK! It doesn’t hurt to Ask……………

………..And so I will take time out each day to answer as many as possible, Hmph! Obviously it will also depend of the volume of questions asked each day. Like I said, you can only ask…………..

Prediction, Coincidence or just Luck?


prediction, coincidence or luck

If a Mystic said to a Sceptic what would you wager, on this following scenario, let’s just say, we are stood in a field where a very high Sycamore tree stands alone and completely open to all of the elements from each and every point on the compass. And now, at this very moment, there’s a massive thunder storm which had started about half an hour earlier and which had now developed into a ferocious electrical storm. Even though we are stood a couple of hundred meters from the tree, we just witnessed a massive lightning strike on the topmost part of its canopy.

With the frequency and amount of lightning they had just witnessed, in that one lightning bolt, the Mystic reckoned that there was a very strong possibility that, ‘Lightning could strike twice’, or why not, even three times, in the same place, especially with the ferocity of the whole storm and amount of time it had been going for.

So the Mystic, once again, spoke to the Sceptic, and said, “I have a very strong feeling that the lightning, will strike the tree, at least another two times, and so making that a total the lightning will have struck the great tree, is three times.”

The Sceptic had not spoken a single word for at least two hours, up-until this point, when he replied with, “I’m inclined to agree with you there, but only up to a point. I would say, it could be, just a coincidence, if it where, to happen as you predict.”

Can’t think why!


Oooooooooohhhhh. Don’t you just love it when someone says, ‘I can’t think why………..such and such’!

The next time you hear someone say it, just take a quick glance at their posture and you will be amazed at how some people stand, articulate with hand or arm gestures but most prominent is the facial expressions. It is just the biggest give-away ever.

You can really gauge a person from just that one statement, and it just goes to show how amazing we all are in the art of, invisible communication. This is a little skill you can try out with anyone, anywhere, any-time. There’s no pain just gain.

Use your own imagination!


It’s time some people stopped following like sheep. My Gran used to say to me when I was a young child, “If you’ve got nothing positive or imaginative to add to any conversation, then keep your mouth closed. Because Karma and Saturn will only catch up with you and give you a great big kick up the backside.” Learn form your own mistakes and not others.

Just to add my own slant on this advice, we’re all unique and that’s what makes life so diverse. Your future may not be set in stone if you use the skills given to you. It’s your gift to the Universe. Use it wisely my friend, show them all, who you are and what you’ve got, it’s your chance to shine. We’re all stars in the night sky, you have to shine that little extra bit to be seen among the billions of others that exist in the universal darkness.

It’s getting hot out there!


I sure could do with a brew to cool me down…..

TBQ. How does a cup of tea cool you down?

Cybee. Oh! Hello you, didn’t see you sitting there in the corner. 

TBQ. Well! How does it?

Cybee. Psychological I s’pose. Ha Ha. I don’t know and I don’t care, I just need one to help me cool down right.  

TBQ. Uh Oh! You in a bit of a tiz then? Keep your hair on, it’s just a simple and straightforward question.

Cybee. You just sit there and keep quiet for a minute or two while I wind down, please. Where did I put them ciggs?

TBQ. In your left trouser pocket, and I don’t even smoke.

Cybee. Jeesh, man, let me have some quiet will you?

TBQ. ‘K! Then.

Cybee. Ah. That’s better, needed that. How many times before have I told you that I come in here to chill out and relax. I really don’t need you chirping on at me as soon as I walk through the door, now do I?

TBQ. I was only trying to be sociable you know. Anyways, what you so hot under the collar with this time?

Cybee. Oh it’s nothing, I just need to have a break sometimes, just like everyone else. OK!

Cybee. Why you in here anyway?

TBQ. Same reason you are, I always come in here to have a break, you know that, so why are you asking.

Cybee. It doesn’t matter, sorry I asked.

Cybee. Isn’t  it just great, you have everything sorted out in your mind how the day is going pan out and then, WHAM! Someone’s got to spoil it all for you and you end up helping them with something you regard as trivial. I just wish people could sort their own problems out at times. Don’t you?

TBQ. No. Isn’t that what you do, sort peoples problems out?

Cybee. No, I just look at their problem from a different angle and perspective, that’s all. Then I work out how they should tackle the problem, maybe give them some encouragement but that’s all I do.

TBQ. Yes right. And in doing that, don’t you sort of take their problems on-board including taking on some of the burden?

Cybee. Err, yes I s’pose I do.

TBQ. Then you come in here, all of a tizzy and start taking out your frustrations on me, when I don’t deserve it.

Cybee. Could be right there. Oh, I’m sorry, it just gets to you sometimes and then when it does you just have to blow off a little steam. It’s like emptying your emotions into a bucket so that you can feel fresh and clear-headed ready for the next time.

TBQ. So you gonna say sorry then? Or just leave it as it is and go back out there?

Cybee. Sorry. Yes, I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t take it out on you, but you always seem to be in the firing line when it happens.

Cybee. OK. Let me make it up to you and I’ll treat you to hot vindaloo tonight. Is that all right?

TBQ. Yeh. I’d like that, but only if you leave your baggage at home.

Cybee. It’s a deal. Right, then, see you about seven thirty outside my place and I’ll even drive so you can have a beer. Agreed?

TBQ. That’l do me mate. I’ll see you later then.

Right back to the grindstone I s’pose.

Help needed for Cybee’s Blog and the COT Forum


Volunteers Needed to assist Cybee with the moderation, admin and development of several websites.

If you would like to become a Volunteer on Cybee’s Blog and the COT Forum then you are most welcome to do so. 

All the posts below are available now and sadly not paid. The positions are purely voluntary.

Please look at the list below, before you decide what type of work you would like to volunteer for.

  • Part of the Administration Staff
  • A Tarot Reader/Trainer or maybe even both
  • An Astrologer
  • Anything else you think you have skills in, that would benefit COT, even if it’s just an “IDEA” that you have.

So there’s the list. What you need to do next………….

Check out the Job Specification below to see if you have the right qualities and/or skills that are needed to perform any of the above jobs/positions.

Job Specification for Moderator on COT

To become a moderator on Cybee’s Only Tarot you will need to meet most of the following criteria –

  1. Honest, fair and truthful
  2. Interested in Tarot or any other subject that is covered on COT
  3. Enthusiastic at what you do
  4. Believe in equality
  5. Is Not prejudice in any way shape or form
  6. Helpful and kind
  7. Have a good understanding of how to manage people
  8. A fair amount of general knowledge
  9. Have any experience of Moderating on other Boards or any of the jobs/posts above
  10. Is able to give up some free time (about 3 times a week) to do the job

If you think you have some or all of these qualities then please contact Cybee at ( as soon as you can for an informal chat regarding any of these posts/jobs.

Do you believe in Fate, Destiny or is it all just Luck?


Fate and Destiny or just Luck

Q. Can we really be absolutely positive that Fate, Destiny or Luck can define what our future will be?

Sample answer. That’s a universal question and I have always been under the assumption that we have control over our own fate and destiny defines by the affect of freewill. Lets say if I have a major decision to make that will affect my future, surely the choice I make will be the one that changes my future for better or worse. Wont it?
I am a strong believer that we have control over much of our life, freewill, and that luck does have its place, but only on a random basis. Here is an example :-

If I put £1 on this weeks Lottery and win a substantial amount of money, say over one million pounds, then yes, luck has taken a hand at this point, but it’s still down to me to decide whether I let this windfall change my life or not.
Yes it will certainly change my financial status in the close world around me, but not to the extent of making my life any better or worse unless I choose to let it.


If only! One of the most used phrases of all-time.

It’s time for a brew and a sit-down for 5 mins.

TBQ: You’re early today! You must be stressed to be in this early?

Cybee: No not really, just got up later than usual that’s why. Did a bit of rushing around to catch up and found I had 20 mins to spare, so I thought I’d garb a brew and sit down for 5 mins.

TBQ: That smells nice, what is it? It’s not your usual cup of tea, smells more like coffee..

Cybee: Correct! It’s a nice cup of latte, made with fresh coffee. Your right though, not my usual poison. I tend to treat myself to one of these occasionally. I don’t drink instant coffee, it’s just not the same, you know, the fresh stuff has that beautiful aroma. Just love that smell any time of the day.

TBQ: Anything happening out in the big wide world today?

Cybee: I’m a little bit disappointed!

TBQ: What with? Somebody or something or has the world turned against you?

Cybee: You know when you put a lot of effort into doing something for other people. Well it’s that I suppose. You spend a lot of time and energy and then, they just let you down. Considering that it was all for nothing, payment that is. It wasn’t  even a favour, it’s all part of the service I offer to people. You know that.

TBQ: Oh, I see….  So you’re peed off cause nobody turned up then?

Cybee: You could say that but it’s the fact that they can be so bad mannered and disrespectful sometimes. You put yourself out to help people and they can’t even let you know that they’re unable to make the appointment.

TBQ: I bet you’re glad to get that off your chest then?

Cybee: Yes I am actually. If only they would think to let you know that they can’t make it then it wouldn’t be so disappointing. At least I could then get on with something else instead of waiting around just getting annoyed with every minute that passes.

TBQ: Right! I understand but what if they have had an accident or can’t contact you for some reason or another. Maybe something else cropped up that was more important than their appointment with you and wasn’t able to contact you in time.

Cybee: Yes, you’re right I suppose. Well, never mind, at least I feel much better now that we’ve had this little chat.

TBQ: Good. I’m a bit happier as well.

Cybee: There is one question I’d like to ask before I go back to week, and that is. Why didn’t you turn up last night? I waited for ages and still you didn’t turn up and you didn’t contact me either. Why?

TBQ: I was tired and went to bed early. I forgot all about our appointment. So there’s my excuse, a little late maybe but at least I’ve apologised. Better late than never, so they say.

Cybee: I just don’t believe you sometimes, ha ha. Well just make sure you turn up next time I need you, OK.

TBQ: OK. No problemo, I’ll be there on the dot. You’re going back to work now then?

Cybee: Yep, I haven’t done my card for the day yet and everyone will be wondering why it’s late. So I will wish you good day and maybe see you tomorrow, that’s if your not in bed. He he. Bye then.

TBQ: Sees you later mate.

If only!


I need a few moments to sit back and reflect on today…………..

TBQ. So, how was your day then?

Cybee. OK. I s’pose, well actually it was quite good up till about 6pm tonight when some bright spark decided to put the mockers on the whole day and the rest of the evening. 

TBQ. Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

Cybee. No. Not necessarily. I can take the rough with the smooth most days but just sometimes, don’t you just wish the person who may have put their foot in your mouth had taken their boot off first. At least to soften the blow slightly.

TBQ. Sounds like they upset you quite a lot?

Cybee. You might say that and then, there again sometimes you have to take that one sucker-punch to make you sit up and realise what you may have done to make them react the way they did. So you can’t always blame the other person.

TBQ. You certainly are reflecting a lot here?

Cybee. That’s why I come in here, to wind down and have a good old think, along with a good cup of tea and the occasional smoke to calm me down. It sure beats banging my head against the post of life. I’ve left a lot of dents in that post over many, many years. I should really think about getting a new one with less bumps and scars in it. Maybe go to the forest of wood chuckers and cut me one down in the morning.

TBQ. What’s this music you’re listening to?

Cybee. Not got a clue, it’s a radio station called ‘Classic FM‘. Classical music 24/7. It helps with the thought process and calms me down, a lot. You should listen to it sometimes, it’s more stimulating than you can imagine. I like it very much simply because the channel doesn’t get bombarded with advertisement all day long, it’s just music, and that’s what I like about it.

TBQ. Don’t you like any other sort of music then?

Cybee. Oh yes! I love music, all of it. Well maybe not all but certainly 95% of it. I’m not sure who said this, ‘Music soothes the soul’. It not only soothes me it also gives me so much inspiration.

Cybee. Well, it’s time for me to get some more work done now. Will you be here tomorrow?

TBQ. As always, unless the boss needs me for something special. Yeh! I’ll be here. Sees you laters. Cheers for the chat.

TBCybee. You’re welcome. Till the morrow then. Close the door behind you when you leave. Bye.

I feel so much better now

Talking to the other Me.

Can a Tarot reading really help my marriage?


How can a Tarot card reading help my marriage?

Many of my clients ask me this question and many other types of questions besides. Of course every client has a different set of circumstances than the next one and it’s down to me to give them the right answer. Phew! I have never thought of myself as being magic, mystical, psychic or even God, that would be too presumptuous and big-headed of me, to say the least. The way I look at myself in the way I read Tarot and other divinatory systems is what you might call, ‘a councillor of people’s problems’. I suppose it’s like going to your doctor to find out what that pain in your back is and he/she, through diagnoses and questions is able to give you an answer. I am not making any comparisons between a doctor, who is highly skilled and trained  in the medical practices and a Tarot card reader but even doctors can make mistakes. Why do they? Simply because they are human, just like everyone else, and so to can Tarot readers make mistakes. Yes, we are human too. With any kind of reading, just like a doctors’ diagnostics, you may not be able to find the exact cause of the problem and so have to improvise in some way to come up with a plausible answer. If you don’t then the client will do two things, the first, is to never use that reader again and the second is tell everyone they know how useless you are and to not use you in the future.

I have no intentions of defending the Tarot card reader here simply because, ‘it’s a belief system’ that is used, and unlike medicine is not a recognised science, in any way shape or form. The client usually has some belief in what is told them in a reading, in that it is true, at least as far as they are concerned. There is one major point I need to emphasize here and that is that we are all born with, ‘freewill’. Freewill being the main human reason in everything that we do. So no matter what answers we give our clients they don’t necessarily have to abide by it, they can just go ahead and disregard all that we have told them. It’s their choice, not ours as a reader.

And so to the question in hand, “How can a Tarot card reading help my marriage”? The answer is, “it can’t”. The only thing that will help them is that they have come to us, as a reader and disclosed to us information that is private and confidential and in doing so expect some form of answer, be it the right one or in some cases, the wrong one.

To summarise this interesting topic, as Tarot readers we are all different just like our clients and so would be expected to be unique and professional in our art of performing the Tarot card reading. As I have stated earlier, I honestly believe that what I do is purely a counselling roll to my clients, in that I have a very good understanding of their problems and situations and so can analyse and diagnose, with the help of the Tarot cards as a tool of my trade. I can not perform miracles as some people may suggest.

Tarot card reading is an art-form and a very dignified one at that. I have dealt with thousands of clients worldwide and hopefully performed my art in a truly professional and dignified way for everyone that I have had the pleasure and privilege to work for.

To become a successful Tarot card reader takes a very long time, just like any other profession and to take it lightly as many people seem to do these days can only detract and deteriorate this very skilful, wondrous and mystical art.


How much should a Tarot reading cost?


Should we pay for Tarot readings?

In our modern society today, anything can be converted into a business and we’re all quite happy to accept this maybe, not so new phenomena. With this in mind, paying for somebody to deliver our future into our hands for a small fee is no way frowned up until something goes wrong, one way or the other with the prediction. Just like any other service we pay for, we will complain and request for our money back if not satisfied with said service and yet I’ve never know of anyone asking for a refund from a bad Tarot reading that doesn’t produce the goods. I suppose it would be like questioning a doctor about the diagnosis he offers to his or her patients.

And so the question is, should Tarot readings rate as highly as say, a brain surgeons diagnostics or a High Court judges’ decision? I have my own views on this which I will keep to myself for the time being. If the majority of us believe the answer to be, ‘YES’, then that’s fine, majority rules. But if the answer is a resounding ‘NO’, what then? Well, that is why I’ve set the above POLL to answer the question, ‘Should Tarot readings be FREE or PAID for’?



A Creative Influence

Q. Who or what can inspire? A. Anyone or anything can inspire.

When all is lost and our heart is down, a little spark of inspiration can lift the soul to another level.

When I was a young boy I still remember a story I heard about Robert the Bruce who became one of Scotland’s greatest kings, as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation, eventually leading Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against the Kingdom of England.

According to a legend, at some point while he was on the run during the winter of 1305–06, Bruce hid in a cave on Rathlin Island off the north coast of Ireland, where he observed a spider spinning a web, trying to make a connection from one area of the cave’s roof to another. Each time the spider failed, it began again until it succeeded. Inspired by this, Bruce returned to inflict a series of defeats on the English, thus winning him more supporters and eventual victory. The story serves to illustrate the maxim: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

Who or what inspires you? Share your stories with us and possibly some or all of them may inspire others.

Is our Planet fighting back?


Is our planet fighting back?

Chaos theory is a field of study in applied mathematics, with applications in several disciplines including physicseconomicsbiology, and philosophy. Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions; an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.[1] This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future behavior is fully determined by their initial conditions, with no random elements involved.[2] In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.[3][4] This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

Chaotic behavior can be observed in many natural systems, such as the weather.

The above article is from Wikipedia, (Link –

I’m not a scientist, economist, biologist, or philosopher and yet I can sense something BIG is going to happen soon to our planet and more than likely its inhabitants too. With world-wide communication becoming ever more instantaneous and with instant access to everything and anyone, we have enabled ourselves to become a global community, and yet we are unable to act like one, especially in the more developed countries.

Materialism, selfishness, and greed has superseded compassion, regard for each other, and dignity and so maybe, just maybe the planet that we all share and inhabit is starting to feel this wave of destruction heading its way and is fighting back.

It’s as if all the unrest in Africa and the Middle East have become the butterfly’s wings and the earthquakes in Japan, the tornadoes in America just might be the effects of those wings fluttering to the point of destruction of the whole planet.

I’m not a doom-and-gloom merchant, I’m just a realist. If what I can feel and sense from all the news reports and television coverage day in and day out, something has to give very soon.

How Accurate is Divination?


Can we believe what Tarot Readers, Psychics etc tell us? Is it all true or just what we want to hear? Do people who go from one reader to another actually believe that their questions will be answered truthfully and honestly by these so-called professionals.
Well, I’m going to stick my neck right out here and say, “I believe that about 95% of all these people, haven’t got a clue”, and I have the proof to support this statement.

In the mid 1990’s I took my research another step forward into the ‘Telephone Tarot Business’. I had been reading privately for some years at this point, and I wanted to know if you could actually get a true and accurate Tarot Reading reading over the telephone. So I joined, what was at the time, one of the more notable company’s to see if it really worked. My intention was to stay for about 6 months and see how these businesses worked their magic down the telephone lines. I stayed on the lines for about 2 years, as I became more involved in the whole set-up of how they ran these businesses.

My first impressions were not very good, people sat there with pieces of paper with only the Major Arcana card meanings, no cards, just a piece of paper. Well that was not a very good sign of the so-called professional readers I was about to join. The management was so strict and the pay very low, I couldn’t understand why these people would do a job like this. Most of the readers did 14 hour shifts, sometimes longer if people didn’t turn up for their shift.
I had some very in-depth conversations with most of the staff about their skills and gifts and found that the majority were just people who wanted some extra money to help them along in life due to the fact they were either out of work and claiming benefits or had another low paid job and this boosted their income slightly.
Most of the staff would bluff their way through a 14 hour shift, but some truly had some kind of gift or talent to keep their clients coming back time and time again, and when I say talent or gift, I mean, ‘the gift of the gab’.

I get asked many, many questions, relating to how you do this or how is that done, why must some things be done a certain way and others just disregarded?
I could be starting something here that I might not be able to finish, but I feel that it is my duty as an experienced reader to pass on to others all of my knowledge and expertise so that basically, everyone is reading from the same ‘Hymn sheet’.
I am going to split this discussion into several categories, to try and clarify different areas of which some are just pure misconceptions of what Tarot is really all about.

Here are some examples of the questions I sometimes get asked or clients that say such things as, “Oh, I heard that you can’t buy your own Tarot cards, they have to be given to you!” Or, “If someone gives you an old deck of cards, they will not work!”
UGH! :cry:
Let me just put the following misconceptions to bed, but before I do, let me just remind you of a few basic but real facts about divination –

You can use anything you want, from a crystal ball, water, mirror to dice, sticks and basically anything that you can call symbolic, to do divination with.
The art of divination is within the person doing the reading or casting. Everything else, such as cards, dice, sticks, crystals, stones, bones etc, are just the tools to do the job with.
A witch will either make or buy her own candles, a reader who uses anything but cards generally acquires them by purchase or other means. Can you see where I am going here?

So I hope I’ve dispelled some of the myths so far?

I believe that clients who have a reading for the first time are usually quite naive in regards to the whole concept of Tarot card reading and so may be gullible enough to take what is conveyed to them by the reader as factual. So unless the reader is of reputable substance and has a good deal of moral character, then It would be inconceivable to even think that anything the reader said would be nothing but pure fiction and maybe some assumptions, to boot.
This brings me on to the subject of ‘Charlatans’, a word that all good, well-experienced readers cringe at! Never the less, I have to make a few things clear and attempt to put some of the record straight.

Anyone can read Tarot cards! Or can they?

If anyone can read Tarot cards or should I say, ‘cast them’, then why are there so many who read for others? Surely anyone can pick up a Tarot deck and start to read them, or can they? I have mixed feelings on this part. You see I actually started reading ordinary playing cards before I tried to do the same with a deck of Tarot cards, and it was all just a bit of fun to me, I never really took it serious.

It wasn’t until friends and colleagues started to come back to me asking more questions and expecting me to just pull a pack of cards out to answer them that I started to realise that I could do something that not many others could. I don’t believe I am blessed with, was born with, inherited or have been granted any gift or special powers, to the contrary. I do believe that what I do is because I just want to do it, there is this constant urge to give and give to everyone I meet in my life and I don’t want anything in return.

True readers will call anyone who tricks, deliberately lies and misleads clients as ‘Charlatans’. I call them what I want to call them!
These so called professionals who profess to have every mystical power under the sun, degrees in Tarot and an education as long as your arm may have qualifications etc, but does it really qualify them to be a competent Tarot reader? “I don’t think so”.
It truly worries me to think that there are probably something like, 50 Charlatans to every 1 experienced Tarot reader in the world today.

Qaddafi – What happens next?


Below is Muammar Qaddafi’s Natal or Birth Chart

Qaddafi's Birth/Natal chart

What happens next?

Qaddafi’s Astrological Transit forecast for the next month. The following report shows all the planetary influences around Qaddafi for each day over the coming month………

Forecast Report for Muammar Qaddafi

7 June 1942 12:00 Sirte, Libya
Report dates:10 April 2011 - 10 May 2011
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14 Mar 2011 (15 Feb 2011 to 16 Apr 2011) Nep Trine Jup

Your imagination is stirred, you feel inspired, restless, and ready for bigger and better things in your life. You want to break out of your usual routine and explore more imaginative and creative options.

4 Apr 2011 (18 Mar 2011 to 23 Apr 2011) Ura Sxtil Ura

This astrological influence occurs twice in a lifetime, at age 12 – 16 and again at age 67 – 73. At either age, this is a time when you become more independent and self-reliant.

9 Apr 2011 (8 Apr 2011 to 10 Apr 2011) Ven Sqr Sun

Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore, and may interfere with work or complicate situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf. Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. Social gatherings and personal relationships are favored.

11 Apr 2011 (10 Apr 2011 to 12 Apr 2011) Ven Sqr MC

The desire to socialize, to be friendly, or loved may interfere with getting work done or acting in a professional manner. Scheduling time for recreation or to attend to a relationship is a good idea now.

11 Apr 2011 (10 Apr 2011 to 12 Apr 2011) Ven Oppos Asc

This is a very positive time in your marriage or closest one-to-one relationships. Your need to be together and to share loving feelings is very strong. You want to give to your friends and loved ones, and may spend generously in order to make them happy. You may also meet someone now that is very good for you.

12 Apr 2011 (12 Apr 2011 to 13 Apr 2011) Merc Sxtil MC

Making decisions or long-range plans is favored now. Your judgement is sound. Making worthwhile professional contacts, reaching out to others who can help you in your work, and taking care of business in an orderly, clear way are also likely.

12 Apr 2011 (8 Apr 2011 to 16 Apr 2011) Jup Sxtil MC

Cooperation and assistance in business relationships is high now, and consequently significant growth and progress in your career is likely at this time.

14 Apr 2011 (14 Apr 2011 to 15 Apr 2011) Sun Sxtil Merc

This is a time when you express yourself very clearly, and conversations, negotiations, and communications of all kinds are cordial and successful. Expect a rapid pace with numerous transactions, letters, phone calls, or errands requiring mental clarity.

14 Apr 2011 (13 Apr 2011 to 16 Apr 2011) Merc Sxtil Sun

This is a busy time; communicating and getting in touch with others is very likely. Numerous phone calls, letters, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. This is a good time to brainstorm with others, share ideas, and come to a group consensus.

16 Apr 2011 (16 Apr 2011 to 17 Apr 2011) Sun Sqr Mars

You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal.

16 Apr 2011 (16 Apr 2011 to 17 Apr 2011) Ven Sqr Merc

Your thoughts turn to love and this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now. You readily discuss your personal needs and desires. Also, you are more aware of beauty and may want to rearrange your decor or buy something to beautify your surroundings.

17 Apr 2011 (16 Apr 2011 to 18 Apr 2011) Ven Trine Mars

You feel quite amorous and affectionate now, and will very much want to share this time with someone you love or at least with congenial company. Your creative or artistic inclinations are also stimulated, and your work in these areas will be especially satisfying and successful at this time.

18 Apr 2011 (18 Apr 2011 to 19 Apr 2011) Ven Oppos Nep

You are in a dreamy, romantic mood and yearnings for love, feelings of compassion or even religious devotion accompany this time period. You are definitely more idealistic, tolerant, and selfless in your relationships, which may cause you to act against your own interests. Decisions involving money or important commitments to others, therefore, should probably be made some other time. A desire for loveliness and beauty in your surroundings is also strong.

19 Apr 2011 (18 Apr 2011 to 20 Apr 2011) Sun Sxtil Jup

Agreements, contracts, and joining your efforts with others will work out very much to your advantage now. A friend or person in authority may offer help or present an opportunity which will benefit you now or in the future. Also, you will reap rewards later for the generosity and aid you extend to others at this time.

20 Apr 2011 (20 Apr 2011 to 21 Apr 2011) Ven Sqr Jup

This is a time when it is difficult to stay within a budget or on a diet, as your tendency is to splurge on beautiful things and to enjoy yourself as much as possible. You want comfort and ease, and have luxurious tastes. Quality is especially important to you right now. Also, you want to share whatever good fortune you have. You need company and happy fellowship. It’s a good time for a party, as long as you don’t overdo it.

22 Apr 2011 (22 Apr 2011 to 23 Apr 2011) Ven Sxtil Ura

This is a time for getting a little loose and wild with friends, going dancing, or doing something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun. You meet interesting new people and are more open to people who are quite different from yourself. An opportunity for a romance may arise which is likely to be exciting, though short-lived.

23 Apr 2011 (21 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Mars Sxtil Sun

Your physical drive and energy level are high now, and you can accomplish a great deal fairly easily. You are inclined to take the initiative or to strike out on your own, and you are likely to be successful at what you attempt at this time. Because you assert yourself in a positive manner, a leadership role or an opportunity to do something you have wanted to do on your own is likely to be offered to you.

24 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 25 Apr 2011) Ven Sxtil Sat

You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon – your oldest, true-blue friends. Also, reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now.

24 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 25 Apr 2011) Ven Trine Plu

You have a special magnetism and attractive power now, and you are feeling intensely loving also. Your relationships, particularly sexual or romantic ones, intensify and have a deep, compelling, urgent quality. Your inner feelings and needs for love and closeness emerge very strongly. You may also channel some of these feelings into creative or artistic, work, something that evokes and expresses your deepest self.

24 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 25 Apr 2011) Sun Sqr Plu

Underlying or previously hidden aspects of a situation come to light now.

The misuse of personal power, dominating or manipulating others, and the subtle ways you try to control situations or other people are issues. The tyrant in you comes out, or you find yourself dealing with the more difficult, dark, tyrannical side in other people.

Also, this can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working – from old, outworn possessions to an unhealthy relationship or a deeply ingrained, self-defeating attitude.

25 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 26 Apr 2011) Ven Conj Moon

Feelings of tenderness and love, especially for family or children, are very strong at this time. You want to shower loved ones with affection, to invite friends into your home, and to be pampered and cared for. Your relationships with women are very harmonious and positive now.

25 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 26 Apr 2011) Mars Sxtil MC

Working energetically with a clear objective in mind, advancing your own professional goals and enlisting others’ support for your projects by acting as a leader, are key issues now. Your superiors and others in authority respond favorably to your confidence and your willingness to take a risk or attack a problem in a new way.

26 Apr 2011 (26 Apr 2011 to 27 Apr 2011) Sun Conj Ven

Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you radiate is noticed and appreciated. A new romance or friendship may ensue. Artistic efforts are also fruitful.

2 May 2011 (2 May 2011 to 3 May 2011) Merc Sxtil Sun

This astrological influence (Merc Sxtil Sun) also occurred on 14 Apr 2011 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

3 May 2011 (2 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Mars Sxtil Merc

You have a lot of mental energy and are eager to “attack” intellectual or conceptual problems. You are likely to come up with a clever solution or a very workable plan, especially if you brainstorm with others. You also tend to make up your mind very quickly and decisively now, and to translate your ideas into action.

4 May 2011 (4 May 2011 to 5 May 2011) Ven Sxtil Sun

Opportunities for friendship, cooperation, love, and shared happiness arise. The warmth and good will you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. You feel especially friendly and sociable.

4 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 6 May 2011) Merc Sxtil MC

This astrological influence (Merc Sxtil MC) also occurred on 12 Apr 2011 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

5 May 2011 (4 May 2011 to 7 May 2011) Mars Sqr Mars

At this time you must guard against being too aggressive, coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will and thereby arousing hostility in others. Also, frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving your aims can evoke enormous anger in you, and you may do something rash and regrettable. Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable, but do try to avoid situations which you know will provoke or irritate you. Working alone is best at this time.

5 May 2011 (5 May 2011 to 6 May 2011) Ven Sxtil MC

Meeting people that can benefit your career, getting together with colleagues, or getting to know your superiors on a more personal, friendly basis is quite likely at this time. Take advantage of all opportunities to socialize with the people you have professional ties with for the outcome is likely to be quite positive.

8 May 2011 (4 May 2011 to 12 May 2011) Jup Sxtil Merc

Long-distance communications and business dealings are successful now. For example, if you need to call a business or company for assistance, you will find that you are able to get through to a helpful person who can assist you. You are also able to communicate successfully with co-workers and colleagues regarding overall plans and goals of the business or trade that you are involved in.

9 May 2011 (8 May 2011 to 10 May 2011) Sun Trine Asc

You are in harmony with the people in your immediate environment. There is a sense of ease and of flowing with, rather than fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you. Therefore, you have more energy and more fun at this time.

Now is a good time to make a presentation, go for an interview, or meet the public in some way; the response is positive.

27 May 2011 (2 May 2011 to 20 Sep 2011) Ura Sxtil Sat

You are less rigid in your attitudes to others now. Various stereotypes or prejudices that you have are chipped away during this time period. You are likely to have interactions with people of various political persuasions, religious faiths, or life styles that show you that your rigid categories and classifications are not always appropriate.

3 June 2011 (7 May 2011 to 14 Sep 2011) Ura Trine Plu

Increased enthusiasm, zeal, dedication, and sense of purpose make this time period one in which you make great strides towards achieving your goals. The progress and advancement made now has more to do with developing inner talents and confidence than with outer, tangible benefits such as increased salary, prestige, or recognition.

4 June 2011 (17 Apr 2011 to 21 July 2011) nep sqr ura

Inspiration, eccentricity, and imagination are the key issues for this time period. You are likely to feel the urge to do something completely out of character now. Let yourself be a little “crazy”; this is a good time to break out of your accustomed ways of acting and be more humorous or eccentric.

The only transition left now for Libya


XIII – Death


The only transition left now for #Libya

The veil or mask of life is perpetuated in change, transformation and passage from lower to higher, and this is more fitly represented in the rectified Tarot by one of the apocalyptic visions than by the crude notion of the reaping skeleton. Behind it lies the whole world of ascent in the spirit. The mysterious horseman moves slowly, bearing a black banner emblazoned with the Mystic Rose, which signifies life. Between two pillars on the verge of the horizon there shines the sun of immortality. The horseman carries no visible weapon, but king and child and maiden fall before him, while a prelate with clasped hands awaits his end.

There should be no need to point out that the suggestion of death which I have made in connection with the previous card is, of course, to be understood mystically, but this is not the case in the present instance. The natural transit of man to the next stage of his being either is or may be one form of his progress, but the exotic and almost unknown entrance, while still in this life, into the state of mystical death is a change in the form of consciousness and the passage into a state to which ordinary death is neither the path nor gate. The existing occult explanations of the 13th card are, on the whole, better than usual, rebirth, creation, destination, renewal, and the rest.

Meanings: End, mortality, destruction, corruption also, for a man, the loss of a benefactor for a woman, many contrarieties; for a maid, failure of marriage projects.

Reversed: Inertia, sleep, lethargy, petrifaction, somnambulism; hope destroyed.

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