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This is what I call my Tarot journal. Every reader needs some kind of journal which enables them to review how they are progressing.
It’s a bit like a diary. You can enter anything you like into it, just don’t lose it. You don’t want everyone knowing your personal stuff.

Womblenet and Googlefied


Underground, Overground I’m Womblenet free
I can do anything, cause Google-fied me,
This is my kind of life and no one sees me
I just like to pull the strings, of morons and their kind
Nobody can see the mess, I always leave behind

I can do whatever I please I’m Womblenet free
And no one can stop me, cause Google-fied me,
This is my kind of life and no one sees me
Tweets that make you wonder and one’s that make you scream
Those are all the Tweets that show, everywhere I’ve been

When I wake-up in the morning and switch on my TV
It’s just so plain and boring, so I Womblenet for free
If I could maybe change the world I’d give everything for free
Nobody should ever suffer or ever have to strive
We have to share the duty and keep our world alive

So come on everybody and sing this song with me
Womblenet, Womblenet, Womblenet for free
We can change the hearts and minds, cause Google-fied me
Use these tools for good and kind, don’t sit there mystified
Use them all to save the world and the future of mankind.

A Soldiers Duty

The morning mist rises over the woodland glade to reveal the beauties of the breaking day, 
it hurts to leave but I must go to fight and protect against the invisible foe.
Too many have fallen in this land of fear but it’s my duty and bond to all that are here.
Day after day we become so few and still they come those young and new, 
the young and brave that fight for the right to keep the peace every day and night.
I can remember those who came before who fought for freedom and to uphold the law.
To live without fear with no reasons to fight is my solemn task, my duty and my right.
If I can make just one small change that makes the world a better place then I’ve achieved the ultimate goal for all humanity to live as one.

Use your own imagination!


It’s time some people stopped following like sheep. My Gran used to say to me when I was a young child, “If you’ve got nothing positive or imaginative to add to any conversation, then keep your mouth closed. Because Karma and Saturn will only catch up with you and give you a great big kick up the backside.” Learn form your own mistakes and not others.

Just to add my own slant on this advice, we’re all unique and that’s what makes life so diverse. Your future may not be set in stone if you use the skills given to you. It’s your gift to the Universe. Use it wisely my friend, show them all, who you are and what you’ve got, it’s your chance to shine. We’re all stars in the night sky, you have to shine that little extra bit to be seen among the billions of others that exist in the universal darkness.

Journalot – Concerns over Gaia


Concerns over Gaia

As previously mentioned a few weeks ago in the article,  ‘Is our planet fighting back?’, (Posted on April 23, 2011).

I’m starting to become slightly more concerned with what’s happening  here on Earth and how she is reacting to all the unrest, wars, fighting, and the high levels of negativity that the inhabits are inflicting on her. Every other day there seems to be some kind of natural disaster occurring with the likes of earth quakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, extremes in weather conditions and so much more, all of which have attributed to hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars-worth of destruction.

This reminds me of a recent film I saw, ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, when the scientist realise that the rapid cooling down of the Earth, initially believed to be months and months away, suddenly became aware of the speed and the enormity of its disastrous effects that it was about to unleash on the world as a whole, was only a matter of hours away. You know the rest………

I just hope someone is keeping an eye on the bigger picture here and is not blinkered in as much as thinking, ‘It’s not going to happen in their lifetime,’ and could be ignoring the vital signs.

Keep your eyes skinned guys, some of us need to be doing the night-watch, just in case…….