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Have you Inspired anyone today?


Do you Inspire?

I have to admit that apart from many other subjects inspiration is my favourite of all time. Every day I am in constant awe and amazement at how universally, living and innate objects can inspire. If I could inspire just one person or thing every day, for the rest of my life, I would leave this beautiful world a very happy and peaceful soul. That is how passionate I am about, ‘Inspiration’. To inspire, to be inspired and so on and so forth. ‘Yes very passionate’.

And so, to the headline and title to this article,

Have you Inspired anyone today?


Do you Inspire?

That’s it!

I know it’s brief for this subject but I would just love to hear from others regarding this amazing influence and how it may have changed their or others lives.

If you have ever inspired or have ever been inspired? Maybe you know of someone who inspires others or something you may have seen or done. I would also like to know of anything you have done, thought or said to yourself and in doing so, have Inspired, yourself!

Please feel free to add a comment or response to this post.

I am also going to add some Polls, asking the the questions above, so that the shy ones amongst us get the chance to vote on the subject, but mainly to give me some kind of gauge. I will add the links to this Post and the side Menu.

How much should a Tarot reading cost?


Should we pay for Tarot readings?

In our modern society today, anything can be converted into a business and we’re all quite happy to accept this maybe, not so new phenomena. With this in mind, paying for somebody to deliver our future into our hands for a small fee is no way frowned up until something goes wrong, one way or the other with the prediction. Just like any other service we pay for, we will complain and request for our money back if not satisfied with said service and yet I’ve never know of anyone asking for a refund from a bad Tarot reading that doesn’t produce the goods. I suppose it would be like questioning a doctor about the diagnosis he offers to his or her patients.

And so the question is, should Tarot readings rate as highly as say, a brain surgeons diagnostics or a High Court judges’ decision? I have my own views on this which I will keep to myself for the time being. If the majority of us believe the answer to be, ‘YES’, then that’s fine, majority rules. But if the answer is a resounding ‘NO’, what then? Well, that is why I’ve set the above POLL to answer the question, ‘Should Tarot readings be FREE or PAID for’?