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Spirituality can cover many areas from religious instruction to astral projection and much more. I hope to cover as many topics as possible but time and space might restrict my endeavors.
If there are any areas you would like me to cover or are interested in please let me know.

Spirituality starts here


A book that shows the essential nature of the human being and how one can direct the mind to the inner worlds. Contains the germs of a new integrative model for science, philosophy and psychology, continued to be developed in my blog. See book for reference. Spiritual evolution, biological evolution, mental-cognitive evolution. The afterlife is dealt with extensively. Principles of nature, organisation, meaning, ethics and moral development. Some attention is paid to the work of Arthur Young (fourfold model), John Bennett (systematics), and ancient ideas about life.

The above is taken from the book Spirituality and science – bridging the gap. If you would like to read it you can download it, in PDF or TXT format, from this link