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Elements of the Tarot.
Fire, Earth, Air and Water

Elements of the Tarot – Fire, Earth, Air and Water


Fire Earth Air Water

In the West we identify with four basic elements that help us to relate to people, places, concepts and the like. Ever since the eve of esoteric dabbling, the elements have been used to provide the building blocks and basic structures around which Astrology, Tarot and other systems were designed.

The four traditional elements are listed below and shows how they correspond to the Minor Arcana’s four suites.

  • Fire – Wands/Staves
  • Earth – Coins/Pentacles
  • Air – Swords
  • Water – Cups

The element Spirit is not included here, but many people associate it to the Major Arcana which is deemed to be of a more higher level of spirituality.

The Element Fire
Energetic, Adventurous, Passionate
The element Fire is associated with the suite of Wands which in turn has the three Astrological signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius incorporated within.
Fire is considered to be the life force, energetic, active, adventurous and sometimes impulsive. Fire also has it’s less aggressive side too, and can be loving, caring, artistic, creative and playful. Fire always wants to be first because of it’s leadership qualities, showing the way and pioneering but this is mainly due to it’s own needs, wants and desires. The “me first” selfish attitude is somewhat over stated at times and all Fire wants to really do is help others in their quests in life.
Fire can be regarded as passionate, exciting, adventurous even romantic when it comes to Love and relationships. The fiery lover! When using the cards for timing purposes, Fire is regarded as fast, and so the numbered cards Ace to 10 are used for days (1 to 10 respectively).

The Element Earth
Responsible, Solid and Stable
The element Earth is associated with the suite of Coins which in turn has the three Astrological signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn incorporated within.
Earth keeps us all grounded with it’s solid stable influences. Earth is the element that encourages us to work and earn money, obligations and responsibilities are also factors that make for ambition and materialistic needs very important issues in life. Earth can sometimes be regarded as boring, dull, stubborn and sometimes miserly to the point of greedy, but it’s not all doom and gloom.
Earth enjoys many pleasurable things such as good food and drink, entertainment, travel. Analytical and practical minded Earth can also be sensual when it comes to Love and relationships, but still tends to make more logical decision regarding partners for their material and practical attributes they will bring into the partnership, rather than emotional or instinctive decisions.
Timing is considered slower than other elements so each numbered card in the suite Ace to 10 is used for timing of the months (1 to 10 respectively).

The Element Air
Communicating, Intellectual, Thinker
The element Air is associated with the suite of Swords which in turn has the three Astrological signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius incorporated within.
Air is the thinker and socialiser, communications and thoughts are all part of this element. Air loves to socialise and make friends, it is responsible for areas such as close relationships, marriage and acquaintances. Intellectual stimulation is needed and so Air will gather a wide variety of friends to ensure there is no boredom in their life. In Love and relationships Air needs commitment long term and so will prefer legal contracts rather than verbal agreements to cement the partnership.
Timing is considered a little faster than Earth but slightly slower than Fire so each numbered card in the suite Ace to 10 is used for timing of a fortnight (1 to 10 respectively).

The Element Water
Feelings, Emotions, Psychic
Water is associated with the suite of Cups which in turn has the three Astrological signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces incorporated within.
Water is deemed as the emotional and feeling element, pure, intense and spiritual in nature. We rely on Water for our feelings and intuition, sometimes regarded as psychic intuition. Because of it’s emotional links it can nose dive into areas of fantasy and addiction in many forms and needs support from other elements to stabilise it. Water can be very fluid and tends to find it’s own level so giving an affect of delusion and confusion sometimes.
Water needs intense type relationships that seek deep spiritual understanding between each other and it’s soul-mate partner.
Timing for Water is a week so each numbered card in the suite Ace to 10 is used for timing of a single week (1 to 10 respectively).