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Symbolism – A comprehensive list.

Is This The Origin of The Tarot?

During my long and tireless research into the Universal areas of Mystical truths, facts and some myths, I came across this very interesting article in that some very highly acclaimed writers, teachers and students of the Tarot believe that the “Isiac Tablet of Cardinal Bembo” is the origin or beginnings of the Tarot.
Personally, I don’t have an opinion in this argument but find it very intriguing that certain scholars of the Tarot do believe it’s true.
You can have a look at the document or book that gives all the detailed descriptions from many, many scholars and experts who have seen and examined the tablet in detail. I am not going to copy the whole document into this topic but will give a reply to this topic with the details of the argument.
Here is a link to the full book….Isiac Tablet of Cardanal Bembo

Card for the Day – 21 May 2011


‘Card for the Day’

The Sun XIX

XIX The Sun

The naked child mounted on a white horse and displaying a red standard has been mentioned already as the positive symbolism connected with this card. It is the destiny of the Supernatural East and the great and holy light which goes before the endless procession of humanity, coming out from the walled garden of the sensitive life and passing on the journey home. The card signifies, therefore, the transit from the manifested light of this world, represented by the glorious sun of earth, to the light of the world to come, which goes before aspiration and is typified by the heart of a child.

But the last allusion is again the key to a different form or aspect of the symbolism. The sun is that of consciousness in the spirit – the direct as the antithesis of the reflected light. The characteristic type of humanity has become a little child, as a child in the sense of simplicity and innocence in the sense of wisdom. In that simplicity, he bears the seal of Nature and of Art; in that innocence, that he signifies the restored world. When the self-knowing spirit has dawned in the consciousness above the natural mind, that mind in its renewal leads forth the animal nature in a state of perfect conformity.

Meanings: Material happiness, fortunate marriage, contentment, possible birth.