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Timing cards and Combinations

Timing in Tarot


Timing can be crucial in a reading. If the time is wrong and inaccurate then the whole reading has been a waist of time and effort.

Timing cards and Combinations.

The Tarot is a subtle tool that speaks to us in many different ways. In addition to the outcome position, which is implied at the end of many layouts, the Tarot also often presents hidden agendas by including messages that can be deciphered by looking at the combination of numbered cards in the spread. The number of cards has specific indicators of how they relate to the situation.

One Card in a Reading
One numbered card in a reading reflects that particular element is central and concerns the Querent and his or her sole surroundings.

Two Cards in a Reading
When two cards of a common number or court appear in a .spread, this indicates that two people or circumstances are likely to be involved in the outcome. This generally refers to two people getting together to form a union or partnership of some kind.

Three Cards in a Reading
When three cards of a particular number or court appear in a reading, a group of three or more people is likely to get together and discuss the subject. The outcome of this discussion is likely to have an impact on the outcome of the situation.

Four Cards in a Reading
When four cards of a number or court appear in a spread, a solid foundation is going to be established. The solidity of the four tends to ground the situation to give it stability so that the outcome is almost certain. The number four is also a number of hard work, so much labor is likely to come to the Querent when four cards appear.

Aces in a Reading

Four Aces
Four Aces in a reading signify an important time ahead. Much happiness is possible, but a wrong move can lead to danger. This is a time to tread carefully and make sure any decisions made “are not irrevocable.

Three Aces
Three Aces in a reading signify a positive placement indicating that good news is forthcoming. Three people or important elements will come into being that are vital to the successful completion of the scenario.

Two Aces
Two Aces in a reading indicate a union or partnership of some sort is likely to occur. If the Ace of Cups and the Ace of Pentacles fall together, this union has the potential to bring much material happiness.

Twos in a Reading

Four Twos
Four twos in a reading indicate groups of people working together for the common good. These groups can be either professional or social in nature.

Three Twos
Three twos in a reading indicate there are likely to be reassessments, reshuffling, or rescheduling.

Threes in a Reading

Four Threes
Four threes in a reading herald a time of creativity and productivity. Several people are possibly working together to complete a project.

Three Threes
Three threes in a reading often warn of lies and deceit. People may be involved in gossip and things may not be exactly as they appear.

Fours in a Reading

Four Fours
This placement reveals security, contentment, and a welcome rest. Financial security through work and sound investments are indicated.

Three Fours
Three fours indicate much work is necessary to bring about successful completion of the project at hand.

Fives in a Reading

Four Fives
Competitive influences are indicative of this placement. Any partnerships formed are likely to be unstable and ultimately unfulfilling. It may transpire that the participants are actually competitors working at cross-purposes to each other.

Three Fives
A solid routine and regular cycles are necessary to positively influence the situation.

Sixes in a Reading

Four Sixes
Four sixes indicate balance and harmony. If relationships have been difficult, they should soon improve.

Three Sixes
Three sixes indicate completion of a project or cycle. A goal has been achieved and there is reason for celebration.

Sevens in a Reading

Four Sevens
Because of the illusionary influences surrounding this mysterious number, pitfalls and disappointments are likely to occur.

Three Sevens
Three sevens harbour a happy result to a situation that at first seemed doubtful.

Two Sevens
Two sevens show a balance of forces with mutual love and harmony. This situation is likely to involve two people and some spiritual ideals are likely to have been met.

Eights in a Reading

Four Eights
Because the number eight typically implies work and responsibilities, four eights herald a time of much activity and news surrounding the type of work one does.

Three Eights
Three eights indicate news of an important alliance is at hand. This alliance will likely advance the stature of those involved and could even indicate a marriage or partnership of some kind.

Two Eights
Surprise developments are likely to occur when two eights appear in a spread.

Nines in a Reading

Four Nines
Four nines in a reading represent accomplishment. There is much to be happy about because an important goal has been achieved.

Three Nines
Three nines typically represent the attainment of the three primary areas we are generally concerned with: health, wealth, and happiness.

Two Nines
Important news or documents will be arriving soon, which
relate to business matters.

Tens in a Reading

Four Tens
Four tens depict an overwhelming success that has been obtained through sometimes overwhelming stress and tension. Sometimes there will be obstacles to overcome before success is finally achieved.

Three Tens
There is likely to be some legal matter that needs to be resolved. There is also the possibility of business correspondence that will soon arrive to help resolve the issue.

Two Tens
Two tens in a reading indicate new jobs, duties, or responsibilities. Lucky breaks concerning the question are not uncommon.

Pages in a Reading

Four Pages
Four pages in a reading symbolize groups of young people or students congregating together. These gatherings could be at schools, universities, and other places where young people can be found.

Three Pages
There are likely to be a lot of pleasant gatherings and social activities concerning young people.

Two Pages
Two pages signify two young people getting together. There is the possibility of gossip or other trouble associated with friendships.

Knights in a Reading

Four Knights
Four knights in a reading indicate that there is much male energy present in the situation. There may be a group of young men who actively influence the outcome.

Three Knights
Three knights in a reading indicate gatherings are possible. These parties are likely to be more adult in nature than the occasions depicted by the pages.

Two Knights
Two knights indicate a meeting of old friends.

Queens in a Reading

Four Queens
When four queens appear in a spread, a group of people is likely to gather for some form of entertainment. Because of the feminine nature of the queen, the group will generally consist primarily of women.

Three Queens
When three queens appear in a spread, a group of women are likely to gather together over refreshments, which may be a tea, coffee, or luncheon. The ladies will offer moral support or advice to help resolve any dilemmas.

Two Queens
When two queens are in a reading, there is likely to be gossip, secrets, rivalry, or jealousy.

Kings in a Reading

Four Kings
Four kings in a spread denote very powerful gatherings of a professional nature.

Three Kings
Three kings in a spread indicate groups of powerful, influential men forming social gatherings. These groups could consist of leisure or professional clubs.

Two Kings
Two kings in a spread indicate a business partnership or enterprise is at hand.