Tarot Card Spreads

Card spreads are a crucial part of a Tarot reading or casting. These days there are hundreds if not thousands of spreads that can be used, from a simple 1 card spread to using the whole deck of 78 cards. By using a spread in your readings allows a whole new dimension to the reading. Spreads are used to identify which part of the reading you are at along with a description of each cards position in the reading, for example, let’s look at a simple 3 card spread for the Past, Present and Future of a situation.

If I lay 3 cards out on the table, starting at the left-hand side they would be placed in order left to right (1, 2 and 3) like so. We can now give each cards position a description, like so; Card #1=Past, Card #2=Present and finally Card #3 would be the Future.

So now we can look at each card in turn with the understanding that each position holds its own unique attribute for any card that can be placed there.


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