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How Accurate is Divination? – Part 2


It’s not often I get the old soapbox out, yawn! Just sometimes you have to try and stop the onslaught from that ubiquitous and meandering lava-flow that some of us may attribute the words, “I told you so. Now do you believe me!”.  Do you find yourself thinking words like, coincidence, fate, destiny, deja vu, fluke and so-on, especially when you can’t explain something that’s just happened, has been said or thought of? Of course you do! Everybody does and why shouldn’t they? There is nothing wrong with accepting that sometimes, we don’t have to try and explain, what may or may not have just happened. What might be an important fact to point out here, is that whatever we just experienced and in whatever shape or form, there is no human or logical, day-to-day, earth-dwelling reason how it can be explained.

So should we accept this, what might be termed as, phenomena, and put it all down to, ‘The wonders of the universe’, ‘Gods influence or intervention’, ‘Alien activities’ or simply, ‘It didn’t happen’ and move on in blind ignorance.

….to be continued.

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Journalot – Concerns over Gaia


Concerns over Gaia

As previously mentioned a few weeks ago in the article,  ‘Is our planet fighting back?’, (Posted on April 23, 2011).

I’m starting to become slightly more concerned with what’s happening  here on Earth and how she is reacting to all the unrest, wars, fighting, and the high levels of negativity that the inhabits are inflicting on her. Every other day there seems to be some kind of natural disaster occurring with the likes of earth quakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, extremes in weather conditions and so much more, all of which have attributed to hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars-worth of destruction.

This reminds me of a recent film I saw, ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, when the scientist realise that the rapid cooling down of the Earth, initially believed to be months and months away, suddenly became aware of the speed and the enormity of its disastrous effects that it was about to unleash on the world as a whole, was only a matter of hours away. You know the rest………

I just hope someone is keeping an eye on the bigger picture here and is not blinkered in as much as thinking, ‘It’s not going to happen in their lifetime,’ and could be ignoring the vital signs.

Keep your eyes skinned guys, some of us need to be doing the night-watch, just in case…….