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Learn Tarot for FREE


Learning the Tarot

Do you want to learn the Tarot for FREE? If the answer is YES, then read on.

I have built a web site that is rich with everything you can imagine about the Tarot and it’s all totally Free. This Blog is exactly what it says, ‘a blog’, nothing more and nothing less. I have added a few snippets from my main web site to this blog just to give you a flavour of  some of the topics and subjects covered.

My main web site is called “Cybee’s Online Tarot” and the site name is Cybeeonline
The site is protected from non-members and so that means you will have to Register (for FREE) before you can start using the site. Becoming a member is very simple and only takes a minute. Once you have Registered the whole site is open for you to do as you will.

How much should a Tarot reading cost?


Should we pay for Tarot readings?

In our modern society today, anything can be converted into a business and we’re all quite happy to accept this maybe, not so new phenomena. With this in mind, paying for somebody to deliver our future into our hands for a small fee is no way frowned up until something goes wrong, one way or the other with the prediction. Just like any other service we pay for, we will complain and request for our money back if not satisfied with said service and yet I’ve never know of anyone asking for a refund from a bad Tarot reading that doesn’t produce the goods. I suppose it would be like questioning a doctor about the diagnosis he offers to his or her patients.

And so the question is, should Tarot readings rate as highly as say, a brain surgeons diagnostics or a High Court judges’ decision? I have my own views on this which I will keep to myself for the time being. If the majority of us believe the answer to be, ‘YES’, then that’s fine, majority rules. But if the answer is a resounding ‘NO’, what then? Well, that is why I’ve set the above POLL to answer the question, ‘Should Tarot readings be FREE or PAID for’?