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Card for the Day – 1st August 2011

‘Card for the Day’
XVIII - The Moon

XVIII The Moon - Pisces

XVIII – The Moon – Pisces

The distinction between this card and some of the conventional types is that the moon is increasing on what is called the side of mercy, to the right of the observer. It has sixteen chief and sixteen secondary rays. The card represents life of the imagination apart from life of the spirit. The path between the towers is the issue into the unknown. The dog and wolf are the fears of the natural mind in the presence of that place of exit, when there is only reflected light to guide it.
The last reference is a key to another form of symbolism. The intellectual light is a reflection and beyond it is the unknown mystery which it cannot show. It illuminates our animal nature, types of which are represented below–the dog, the wolf and that which comes up out of the depths, the nameless and hideous tendency which is lower than the savage beast. It strives to attain manifestation, symbolized by crawling from the abyss of water to the land, but as a rule it sinks back whence it came. The face of the mind directs a calm gaze upon the unrest below; the dew of thought falls; the message is: Peace, be still; and it may be that there shall come a calm upon the animal nature, while the abyss beneath shall cease from giving up a form.
Divinatory Meanings: Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, occult forces, error.
Reversed: Instability, inconstancy, silence, lesser degrees of deception and error.


Sabian Oracle for 19th July 2011


Today’s Oracle

26° Cancer 22'

26° Cancer 22'

Sun’s Position at 10:00 GMT  is  26° Cancer 22′

You may find yourself much deeper in a situation than you had planned, but now you are restrained by the walls about you.  There is no escape from the turbulence that is around you.  The only thing to do is wait it out and protect yourself the best you can. Arguments and emotional confrontations as a result of the `pressure cooker’ environments in modern- day living.
If negative – wrongly believing that you are in control of an uncontrollable situation OR enjoyment of emotional storms and turmoil.

Sabian Oracle for 18th July 2011


Today’s Oracle

25°Cancer 34'

25°Cancer 34'

Sun’s Position at 13:53 GMT  is  25°Cancer 34′
There is an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself.  It is a time to catch up on the attitudes of others without any pressure.  There does, however, need to be a caution against self- indulgence. Sharing of thoughts and ideas in an environment of social privilege.
If negative – relating on a superficial level.


Oracle for 25th May 2011


Today’s Oracle

Oracle Degree: 02° Cancer 00′ – 02°Cancer 59′

You may need to persevere and progress slowly. There is no possibility of stopping, the situation could freeze-up in an instant. Although you have the natural elements to help, it is more a time of struggling through an unusual difficulty than creating the proper appearance. Using your animal instinct to get through the toughest times. Facing bad weather and hardship. If negative – you could be taking those familiar with you, along with the situation and unwittingly heading towards danger. You may also be putting yourself through hard times when it’s avoidable. Restrictive outlook on life may ensue.

Oracle for 24th May 2011


Today’s Oracle

Oracle Degree: 04° Pisces 00′ – 04° Pisces 59′

This is a time for group co-operation to benefit others. You may find that you are able to donate some of your time, energy or possessions for benevolent ends. This will bring some type of less tangible reward. Old fashioned values brought to the community through commerce and warmth of sharing. Exchanges of spiritual knowledge. Overcoming loneliness and alienation. If negative – spiritual or social exclusivity. Giving things a smaller worth than they deserve.

Astrology in Tarot – Signs Of The Zodiac, The Sun Signs


The Signs of the Zodiac or Sun Signs

The earth is the centre of an imaginary circle called the zodiac. This zodiac is divided into twelve segments called signs, and each sign depicts certain traits. When all of the twelve characteristics are combined together they form the whole, or unity. The Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids orbit the zodiac and are therefore positioned in the various signs that help determine what influences will be present depending on the time and place. By casting a horoscope based on the exact time, date, and place of birth, much can be gleaned about the joys, happiness and successes, problems and lessons that will be prevalent during the life of the person or event.

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, exemplifies its ambitious attitude by asserting it as the conqueror, emperor, warrior, or soldier of fortune. Aries is aggressive and forceful, and uses its energy to get what it desires. Aries has a great deal of enthusiasm for life and a sense of untamed daring, and early explorers of untamed wilderness have exemplified this sense of adventuresome. In astrology, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and in turn rules the first house of the horoscope. In Tarot, Aries rules The Emperor in the Major Arcana and Ace, 2, and 3 of Wands in the Minor Arcana.

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, comes into being when the farmers are ploughing the fields and planting the crops. Taurus is fertile, voluptuous, sensual, practical, earthy, and materialistic. Taurus loves to be surrounded by luxury and is primarily concerned with accumulating wealth and prosperity. Don’t be fooled by Taurus’ sensual and pleasant nature because its stubbornness, combined with endurance and stamina, make it a formidable foe when its path has been crossed. In astrology, Taurus rules the second house of the horoscope and is ruled by Venus. In Tarot, Taurus rules The Hierophant in the Major Arcana, and 4, 5, and 6 of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.

Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, comes into season as the weather warms up enough so people want to go places, visit friends, and socialize. Gemini is mental, active, and witty, it enjoys light, airy social contact, and is very communicative. Being the twins, Gemini often displays two personalities and can appear dualistic at times. Since Gemini has the gift of the gab, it has been known to spread rumours and gossip if other stabilizing influences are not present. In astrology Gemini rules the third house of the horoscope and is ruled by Mercury. In the Tarot, Gemini rules The Lovers in the Major Arcana, and 7, 8, and 9 of Swords in the Minor Arcana.

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is intuitive, sensitive, and emotional, The love Cancer sends out is pure and simple because she only wants to love, and in turn be loved. When confronted. Cancer normally reacts based upon emotions rather than intellect, and this can cause some difficulties if she is not able to control her behaviour. Cancer is very protective of her home and family, and can consequently appear grasping and clinging if she feels she is not in control. In astrology, Cancer rules the fourth house of the horoscope and is ruled by the Moon. It should be noted that in ancient astrology the Moon was assigned rulership over only this sign while the other planets (with the exception of the Sun) were each allocated two signs to rule, one sign being active and the other inactive. This indicates that Cancer is a very powerful sign in its own right and encompasses both active and passive attributes. In the Tarot, Cancer rules the Chariot in the Major Arcana, and Ace, 2 and 3 of Cups in the Minor Arcana.

The Sun moves through Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, at the height of summer. People are laughing, singing, and enjoying themselves, and romance is in the air as lovers can be seen walking hand in hand throughout the long summer days. Just like children can be seen playing happily in the parks and streets during this carefree, enjoyable time. Resorts are full of vacationers who simply want to bask in the sun and enjoy their holiday. It should be noted that in ancient astrology the Sun was assigned rulership over only this sign where each planet (with the exception of the Moon) was allocated two signs to rule, one being active and the other passive. This indicates that Leo is a very powerful sign in its own right as it encompasses both active and passive genders. In astrology, Leo rules the fifth house of the horoscope and is ruled by the Sun. In the Tarot, Leo rules Strength in the Major Arcana, and 5, 6, and 7 of Wands in the Minor Arcana.

After everyone has had their yearly dose of fun, Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, calls people back to work as this is the month to harvest and preparation for the long winter ahead. Virgo goes about her duties in an efficient and unassuming manner, and can actually become embarrassed when others rake notice of her accomplishments. She is concerned about health and hygiene, and is therefore likely to have a neat, clean house. In astrology, Virgo rules the sixth house of the horoscope, and is ruled by the planet Mercury. In the Tarot, Virgo rules The Hermit in the Major Arcana, and 7, 8, and 9 of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.

Sooner or later people start thinking about making a permanent commitment to one another, and that’s where Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, comes in. Libra is involved with all close relationships and partnerships. Because there is a fine line between love and hate, it should not be surprising to note that Libra also governs both close friendships and open enemies. Libra tries to be fair, but at times can appear judgemental. It tries to stay balanced, but only the weight of a feather gently placed on its scales can upset this complex harmony. In astrology. Libra rules the seventh house of the horoscope, and is ruled by the planer Venus. In the Tarot, Libra rules Justice in the Major Arcana, and Ace, 2, and 3 of Swords in the Minor Arcana.

Is it not surprising to find that after the crops have been harvested, the days have chilled, and people have returned to the warm confines of their homes, they finally have time to go deep within themselves and reflect upon their achievements and defeats. This is the effect that the eighth sign of the zodiac has on our deepest reflections. The emotions inherent in Scorpio are so extreme that compulsive or vindictive behaviour is not uncommon. Scorpio’s introspection allows people to honestly look within themselves, find out what needs to be transformed or healed, and emerge renewed and rejuvenated. Scorpio is good at keeping secrets. One of Scorpio s best-kept secrets is that death is but a veil that people must pass through so that they can be reborn anew into bodies stronger and wiser than before. In astrology, Scorpio rules the eighth house of the horoscope, and is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. In the Tarot, Scorpio rules Judgement in the Major Arcana, and 4, 5 and 6 of Cups in the Minor Arcana.

Such introspection and healing can leave a being quite sombre and that’s where Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, comes into play. Sagittarius’ optimism and joviality make him the life of the party. Sagittarius also has a philosophical side as he seeks answers to religious, spiritual, or esoteric questions posed by philosophers throughout the ages. In his quest for knowledge, he has become wise and understanding, and is usually able to give sound advice when consulted. In astrology, Sagittarius rules the ninth house of the horoscope and is ruled by Jupiter. In the Tarot, Sagittarius rules Temperance in the Major Arcana, and 7, 8, and 9 of Wands in the Minor Arcana.

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, instils responsibility, practicality, and discipline into our lives. Capricorn helps people become successful because it gives them a sense of purpose. Because Capricorn wants to be respected, it is very much concerned about its status and reputation in the community. Yes, it is true that Capricorn is materialistic and firmly grounded to the earth, but it does have a deeply hidden emotional side as well. It must be remembered that the symbol for Capricorn is a goat with a fish tail. People all too often play up the rugged image of the goat trying to climb up the mountain and quietly dismiss the fish tail that is earnestly swimming in a sea of emotion. Alas, poor Capricorn is often misunderstood and people sometimes fail to appreciate the much-needed grounding this sign provides. It should also be noted that ancient oriental drawings depict this sign placement as a fish or crab, so it may actually be that in the distant past this sign was in fact considered to be a water element. Therefore, the modern symbolism of a sea-goat may be an attempt to obtain symmetry between ancient emotional sensitivity and New Age practicality. In astrology, Capricorn rules the tenth house of the horoscope and is ruled by Saturn. In the Tarot, Capricorn rules The Devil in the Major Arcana, and 2, 3, and 4 of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana.

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is intellectual, social, and thinks about future developments. In the symbology of this sign, the water bearer is seen to be pouring a jug of fluid into a larger mass of water. The contents of the jug represent the knowledge he is carrying, and this act of pouring the liquid into a larger mass illustrates him disseminating knowledge to humanity. While Aquarius is friendly and sociable, it is also aloof, detached, and difficult to get close to, as evidenced by the fact that Aquarians as a rule have many acquaintances but few true friends. Aquarius dreams of a Utopian society where there is no pain, suffering, or inequality. In astrology, Aquarius rules the eleventh house and is co-ruled Saturn and Uranus. In the Tarot, Aquarius rules The Star in the Major Arcana, and 4, 5, and 6 of Swords in the Minor Arcana.

Pisces seeks to stretch beyond the reality of here and now, and search for clues to past, present, and future worlds, which is one of the reasons why Pisces normally responds to psychic impressions rather than cold, hard facts. In astrology, Pisces rules the twelfth house and is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. In Tarot, Pisces is said to rule The Moon in the Major Arcana. More appropriately, Pisces is likely to co-rule The Moon and Lilith, the Earth’s second esoteric satellite, and the 8, 9, and 10 of Cups in the Minor Arcana.

After people have been given the gift of knowledge, they soon begin to realize that the more they know, the more they don’t know. At the vast immensity of this gulf of awareness, which is yet to be understood, they begin to ask spiritual questions such as:

• Who is responsible for the rules under which the universe was built?
• Is there more to reality than meets the eye?
• Why are these unfounded feelings so strong?

Astrology in Tarot – Planets



Concepts of astrology were used in the design of the Tarot, with the subtle symbolism and characteristics enmeshed in each card. Each card in the Tarot is assigned a specific astrological planet or sign to help provide greater clarity when reading the oracle.

A basic understanding of the traditional planets, signs, and houses will immensely aid the student of Tarot and help in speeding up the learning process, which must inevitably transpire for one to become proficient in this art.

Planets are considered celestial bodies that orbit the zodiac and vibrate at their own unique frequency to affect different areas of our lives. Many astrologers have also begun to UK hide some of the larger asteroids in their astrological interpretations because these bodies tend to present more refined psychological influences, which are becoming more apparent in our increasingly complicated lifestyles. Although the Sun and Moon are technically not planets, they are classified as such because they too are celestial bodies that appear to encircle the zodiac when using geocentric, or earth-centered astrology. The nodes of the Moon, while not actual planets themselves, have an important influence and are also taken into consideration when delineating a natal horoscope.

The Sun
The Sun is the center of our solar system without its life-giving light and heat there would be no life on earth as we know it. The Sun is happy, vibrant, and romantic, it displays childlike enthusiasm, and represents the basic nature of a person. In astrology, the Sun rules Leo and the fifth house of the horoscope. In Tarot, it rules the Sun in the Major Arcana, and 4, 5, and 6 of Wands in the Minor Arcana.

The Moon
The Moon is the largest satellite to orbit the Earth and represents feelings and emotional reactions. It is intuitive, sensitive, and often symbolizes mother figures. The Moon is very protective and nurturing, so it may at times cling to persons or situations when it should just let go. In astrology, the Moon rules Cancer and the fourth house. In larot the Moon rules the High Priestess and The Moon in the Major Arcana, and Ace, 2, and 3 of Cups in the Minor Arcana.

Lilith is Earth’s second satellite and has often been called the dark goddess. While her sister, the Moon, symbolises traditionally accepted female roles, Lilith represents the darker side of femininity that people generally prefer not to speak about. Lilith has no time for emotional outbursts and can often seem cold uncaring. She has no need of men, so is therefore often symbolised as, a single or divorced woman. Although many do not attribute Lilith to any particular card, she should share rulership or the High Priestess with The Moon because she more closely identifies with the qualities represented in this card.

Mercury is the Closest planet to the Sun and has the fastest orbit of the nine known planets. Mercury is quick, witty, and communicative, is a fast learner and likes to teach what he knows to others. Because Mercury represents communication, intellect and reason it can become critical,fussy, or overly concerned with detail. The negative aspect of Mercury is that it can gossip, lie, and slander if not well aspected in the natal horoscope. In astrology, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and the third and sixth houses of the horoscope. In Tarot, Mercury rules The Magician in the Major Arcana

Venus is known as the Morning or Evening Star because it is the last star to fade away when the sun brings the light of day and the first to be seen at dawn. Venus is charming, graceful, and diplomatic. Venus is very attractive and represents fertile womanhood, which indicate that men often cannot resist falling in love with her. She likes good food, drink, and sex, and may therefore have a tendency to overindulge. In astrology, Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and the second and seventh houses. In Tarot. Venus rules The Empress in the Major Arcana.

Mars is the red planet and its color signifies the energy it possesses. Mars can be aggressive; if its energy isn’t controlled, accidents or mishaps may occur. It has a very adventurous spirit, which will prompt others to forge ahead when more timid souls would prefer to wait until better times appear. In ancient times Mars was considered to he a planet of fertility because much energy was needed to bring about the birth of a new plant, animal, or concept. In astrology, Mars rules Aries and the first house, and co-rules Scorpio and the eighth house in Tarot, Mars rules The Tower in the Major Arcana.

Jupiter is the largest known planet in our solar system and represents expansion and growth. It brings luck, money, and abundance to whatever it comes in contact with. Jupiter is wise, understanding, and serves as the zodiacal mentor. In astrology Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the ninth house, and co-rules Pisces and the twelfth house. In the Tarot, Jupiter rules the Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana.

Saturn is such a majestic sight with its encircling rings, and this gas giant is oh-so-concerned about its reputation. Saturn is the taskmaster as it sets limitations and gives arduous lessons to be learned before the next step in the evolutionary process can be approached. Saturn is concerned with responsibility, duty. time, and age. Saturn can be a fearful sight to those who have not learned their lessons and taken obligations seriously. In astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and the tenth house, and co-rules Aquarius and the eleventh house. In Tarot, Saturn rules The World in the Major Arcana.

Uranus is such an oddball planet with its rings orbiting vertically rather than horizontally. This uniqueness pervades the planet that was rediscovered by an amateur astronomer instead of the traditional professionals of the day. With Uranus, only the unexpected can be expected. Uranus is the planet of change, genius, unconventional behavior, and revolution. In astrology, Uranus co-rules Aquarius and the eleventh house. In Tarot, Uranus rules The Fool in the Major Arcana, and 4, 5, and 6 of Swords in the Minor Arcana.

Neptune is a watery, fluid planet whose gaseous fog and mist make it difficult for one to clearly see its surface. Neptune’s fluid state makes it emotional, sensitive, intuitive, and psychic. Neptune can spend so much time daydreaming that it may not be in touch with reality, and is so vague that it can be quite deceptive. Ir seeks spirituality in the form of sacrifices, but is definitely not a pushover. This powerful planet wields a forceful energy that it can, and will, use to get its way in life. In astrology, Neptune co-rules Pisces and the twelfth house. In the Tarot, Neptune rules The Hanged Man in the Major Arcana, and 7, 8, and 9 of Cups in the Minor Arcana.

Pluto is erratic and powerful. It is not a single, but actually a double planet with its relatively large moon orbiting in the same fashion as a double star. Pluto’s orbit is not like the other planets because it is highly elliptical and it is at times the farthest-known planet in our solar system, but at others is inside Neptune’s orbital path. While all of the other planets have a fairly even rate of travel throughout the twelve signs of the zodiac, Pluto’s presence in a sign spans anywhere from fourteen years in Scorpio to thirty in Taurus. The more exploration that is done on this sometimes frorien, sometimes thawed planet can make one wonder just exactly which planet is actually the oddball of the solar system. Regardless of Pluto’s eccentricities, it is very powerful indeed and has a tendency to destroy outmoded concepts in order to build anew. When Pluto makes an aspect during a transit, no one is left untouched from its influence. Pluto is lord of the underworld and is the planet of death and rebirth, symbolised by the fact that half of the time this planet is fro/en and dead while the other half it is thawed and alive. In astrology, Pluto corules Scorpio and the eighth house. In the larot, Pluto rules Death in the Major Arcana.

North Node
The North Node of the Moon, or Dragon’s Head, says “yes, yes, yes,” and represents good fortune and luck that has been given to the native in this life to help him or her create their destiny. !t is one of the things they are supposed to build upon and refine in this life. The North Node has many characteristics of Jupiter in that it is a free gift to the native. It should be noted, however, that many people must learn to act in accordance with the node because the concepts it brings are completely new and must be developed before they can come to fruition.

South Node
The South Node of the Moon, or the Dragon’s Tail, says “no, no, no,” and represents lessons, limitations, and restrictions. This is what the native has already developed in past lives and may have even abused. The South Node has many characteristics of Saturn in that it sometimes places harsh limitations on the areas of its concerns. It should be noted that because we have already developed the qualities and attributes of the South Node, it is all too compelling to slip back into its patterns whenever we are distressed or unsure of ourselves. Because it is our task to learn from mistakes, however, our higher selves will tend to put obstacles in our path that inhibit us from Totally enmeshing ourselves in South Node areas.

Transit forecast report – Tripoli, Libya


Forecast Report for Transits in Tripoli, Libya
Date:23 April 2011  Time:14:22:26
Period covered:23 April 2011 – 6 May 2011
Tropical/Placidus NATAL CHART Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
Sun= 3TA03 Moon=14CP50 Merc=12AR53 Ven= 2AR53 Mars=16AR31
Jup=20AR32 Sat=12LI25 Ura= 2AR22 Nep= 0PI29 Plu= 7CP27
Asc= 8VI49 MC= 6GE52

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
SSxt ( 30 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min SSqr ( 45 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sesqu (135 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

26 Mar 2011 (3 Feb 2011 to 18 June 2011) Plu Conj Plu

During this time period, deeply rooted and hidden energies are activated and affect you more strongly. You remember incidents
and events that you have not recalled in a long time. You are driven instinctively to do certain things, even though you may not
consciously understand why you are driven to do them.

29 Mar 2011 (1 Mar 2011 to 15 May 2011) Nep SSqr Moon

Your emotions are sensitized now. Your intuitive, feeling nature is very strong. You will find yourself gripped by feelings of
nostalgia and compassion. Memories of feelings and situations long forgotten come to the surface.

16 Apr 2011 (3 Apr 2011 to 1 May 2011) Sat Oppos Merc

Avoid attempting communications with large numbers of people at this time, as the response will be disappointingly small. You are
able to solidify an agreement with someone only if all the details have already been worked out, and you are really just making the
agreement official. But proposals and discussions on more enterprising issues and ideas are likely to be met with indifference and

22 Apr 2011 (20 Apr 2011 to 23 Apr 2011) Mars SSqr Nep

You have strange desires, impulses, and feelings which are difficult to describe or understand. Your usual daily pursuits seem drab,
meaningless, or curiously unsatisfying, so that it may be difficult to motivate yourself and focus on your work. On the other hand, you
can get very fired up about something out of the ordinary, an ideal or dream, or fantasy that you usually consider too impractical to
actually do anything about. Your imagination is very active. Artistic, creative work which expresses a visionary, whimsical, or
fantastic quality is very fulfilling to you at this time.

22 Apr 2011 (21 Apr 2011 to 23 Apr 2011) Sun SSxt Ura

You are excitable and restless today and may do something quite unexpected and out of character. Impatience with dreary routine
and the desire for freedom and change may spur you to do something you normally consider adolescent or irresponsible. You are
very insistent on your own “rights”, needs and preferences at this time. An event that disrupts your accustomed schedule could also
happen now.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Ven Conj Ura

You are craving emotional excitement, stimulation, and something new and alive. This is a time for music, dancing, and being
joyfully spontaneous. Your social inhibitions are loosened, and you may be tempted to have a wild flirtation or to act in a rather
reckless way in a relationship.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Sun SSxt Ven

Love, relationships, beauty, and pleasure are emphasized now. You feel especially attractive or friendly, and the warmth you
radiate is noticed and appreciated. A new romance or friendship may ensue. Artistic efforts are also fruitful.

23 Apr 2011 (20 Apr 2011 to 26 Apr 2011) merc oppos sat

You are likely to distance yourself from others now, feeling the need to withdraw and reflect. Your thoughts are inclined to be
heavy, critical, and pessimistic at this time, so it would be good to realize that you are only seeing part of the picture, and perhaps
seek the advice of an older, experienced person who has passed through some of the challenges you face. This can also be a time of
leaving, separating from friends and choosing a new way.

23 Apr 2011 (18 Apr 2011 to 28 Apr 2011) merc conj merc

You are alert, mentally sharp and clear, and your ability to comprehend new concepts is heightened. Also, you can verbalize and
articulate your ideas very well at this time. Intellectual curiosity is also high. This is a good time to make plans and strategies or begin
a course of study.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Mars Conj Mars

Your desire to make a fresh start, to take the initiative and strike out on your own, is a powerful drive right now. Your physical
energy, will, and courage are intensified. Unless you channel your abundant energy into decisive action or vigorous work, accidents,
anger, and irritability are likely at this time.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Ven Conj Ven

Your desire for love, companionship, and affection predominates at this time. A new friendship or romance could begin, or an
established relationship can be revitalized and enhanced. If there is someone you have wanted to reach out to, doing so now is likely
to create warm feelings between you, and may be the start of something beautiful. You also need to be surrounded by beauty and
harmony and your artistic inclinations are stimulated now.

23 Apr 2011 (3 Feb 2011 to 18 June 2011) Plu Conj Plu

This astrological influence (Plu Conj Plu) also occurred on 26 Mar 2011 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

23 Apr 2011 (4 Apr 2011 to 15 May 2011) Ura Conj Ura

This astrological influence can occur only during the first 2 years of life or when you are 81 – 87 years old. If you are in your 80’s,
then you have reached a point where you are starting fresh again. This is a time for rejuvenation and awakening new creativity and

23 Apr 2011 (10 Apr 2011 to 9 May 2011) Sat Conj Sat

You take life very seriously now. You question major commitments and decisions you have made in the past, such as career
choices, place of residence, marriage and other major relationships. This is a time of self-analysis and questioning about the direction
you have taken in your life.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Sun Conj Sun

Today you want to stand out, to be the center of attention and receive recognition. It is a time to appreciate who you are as a
unique individual. This is the beginning of a new year for you, and you feel charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose.

23 Apr 2011 (19 Apr 2011 to 27 Apr 2011) Jup Conj Jup

This time period marks the beginning of a new cycle, when you formulate plans and ideas that will extend over the next 12 years.
Your ambitions and ideals slowly and gradually shift towards a new focus. This is a period of rebirth and renewed optimism.

23 Apr 2011 (19 Mar 2011 to 24 Aug 2011) Nep Conj Nep

Your imagination is vivid during this time period and you enjoy fairy tales, mythology, spiritual, religious and metaphysical topics.
This astrological influence is not very powerful and is overshadowed by the other astrological influences in effect at this time.

23 Apr 2011 (23 Apr 2011 to 24 Apr 2011) Ven SSxt Sun

Your personal magnetism is strong and you attract appreciation, affection and attention at this time. Feelings of love, a desire for
beauty, and the urge to be creative are strong. You beautify your surroundings, and pay particular attention to your appearance. This
is a good time to treat yourself or do something fun just for you.

26 Apr 2011 (26 Apr 2011 to 27 Apr 2011) Ven Sxtil MC

Meeting people that can benefit your career, getting together with colleagues, or getting to know your superiors on a more
personal, friendly basis is quite likely at this time. Take advantage of all opportunities to socialize with the people you have
professional ties with for the outcome is likely to be quite positive.

27 Apr 2011 (27 Apr 2011 to 28 Apr 2011) Ven Sqr Plu

Hidden passions, fears, jealousies, longings, desires, or needs surface in you now and can stir up trouble in your closest
relationships. You are prone to be compulsive or demanding in a close relationship, to be emotionally driven and to force things to a
head in some emotionally-laden situation. Positively, a relationship can be deepened and reborn now, given new life by your
willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one.

27 Apr 2011 (27 Apr 2011 to 28 Apr 2011) Sun SSxt MC

Your career, reputation, and most important personal goals receive a boost now, primarily through your own initiative and
willingness to assert yourself. You feel a surge of positive energy.

Superiors or people in authority will also notice you now and can help you immensely, enabling you to fulfill something you are
striving for. Public recognition for your work or your unique personal contribution to the world is very possible.

28 Apr 2011 (27 Apr 2011 to 29 Apr 2011) Sun Trine Plu

This is an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life, from clutter and disorder in your
environment, to an unhealthy relationship or even a long-held attitude or belief which keeps you from going after what you really want
in life.

You are also more perceptive than usual. You see other people’s true colors more clearly and you may discover a secret or the
hidden aspect of some situation.

Something lost, hidden, or forgotten may come to light.

28 Apr 2011 (27 Apr 2011 to 29 Apr 2011) Ven Qucnx Asc

At this time you come across in an appealing, charming, openly affectionate manner which is likely to win you new friends and
admirers. You make an excellent first impression now. This is a very favorable time for doing something to enhance your appearance,
such as getting a hair cut or purchasing new clothing.

28 Apr 2011 (27 Apr 2011 to 30 Apr 2011) Mars Conj Jup

This is an excellent time to begin a new business enterprise or any new venture. You have the drive and courage to make your
vision a reality. You feel great physically, and your confidence and optimism are high, so whatever you attempt now is likely to

29 Apr 2011 (24 Apr 2011 to 3 May 2011) Jup SSqr MC

A fortunate change of circumstances occurs in your work and career! You may receive a promotion, a job offer, a large contract,
or salary increase. In one way or other, you step out of a situation that had become limiting and restrictive.

29 Apr 2011 (29 Apr 2011 to 30 Apr 2011) Sun Trine Asc

You are in harmony with the people in your immediate environment. There is a sense of ease and of flowing with, rather than
fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you. Therefore, you have more energy and more fun at this time.

Now is a good time to make a presentation, go for an interview, or meet the public in some way; the response is positive.

30 Apr 2011 (28 Apr 2011 to 2 May 2011) Merc Sqr Moon

Emotions, prejudices, or unresolved issues from the past come up in your interactions with others now, and you may not be very

This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time.

Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now. Reminiscing, remembering, daydreaming about and reflecting on the past is

30 Apr 2011 (29 Apr 2011 to 1 May 2011) Mars SSqr MC

Your desire for leadership, personal recognition for your efforts, and absolute control over your own affairs is very strong now.
You are very competitive in business affairs and business and you aggressively present your concerns and interests to colleagues and
superiors. Anger over an inability to be first, or to be on top, is quite possible, but you won’t take it lying down – you are ready to
fight if necessary in order to forge ahead!

1 May 2011 (1 May 2011 to 2 May 2011) Ven Oppos Sat

Conflicts between duty and pleasure, or between sober practicality and a yearning for love and emotional satisfaction, are likely
now. This can be a very frustrating time, and you are likely to feel quite alone, emotionally aloof or withdrawn.

A relationship may end or a temporary break may be made. This is a time to relinquish something or someone you once cherished
but which no longer has a positive purpose in your life.

1 May 2011 (29 Apr 2011 to 3 May 2011) Merc SSqr Nep

Your thoughts are dreamy, fantastic, and faraway right now. Your imagination and intuition is heightened, which benefits any
creative or artistic work you may do. However, your practical reasoning ability and your ability to focus on the here-and-now are
diminished. Your judgement regarding concrete matters is a bit fuzzy at this time, so you may wish to delay making important

1 May 2011 (1 May 2011 to 2 May 2011) Ven Conj Merc

You use charm, humor, and a light touch to get your point across now, and your friendly attitude makes a favorable impression on
others. Your artistic and aesthetic sense is heightened now also, and interest in literature, poetry, and culture is strong. Serious and
demanding mental work should probably be put off for another time, as either your mind is more on matters of the heart or you
simply want to relax and think of lighter topics.

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Merc Conj Mars

You are likely to come to a very clear, definite decision at this time, and to let others know exactly what you want. You are not in
a very conciliatory mood and are not averse to stirring up unpleasant controversy in defense of your plan, idea, or desire. You may
speak or act in haste now which can be a cause of regret later on.

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Mars Sesqu Asc

You come across assertively, competitively, and energetically now, so much so that you may arouse others’ animosity. You don’t
want to slow down or accommodate other people’s needs, and resent it hotly if your own desires have to take a back seat to others’
will and wishes.

This is a time for positive, decisive action on your part, forging ahead, taking the initiative – only try not to do so in a completely
insensitive, arrogant manner, as this will almost certainly work against you.

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Sun Qucnx Sat

You are serious and disinclined to frivolous or inconsequential activity. It’s a time best spent working alone, structuring and
organizing your life in some way, and focusing on whatever tasks (however distasteful or tedious) that you really need to do. You feel
like withdrawing from people and find social situations unfulfilling or wasteful. Your vitality and your spirits are somewhat dampened.

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Ven Sqr Moon

The craving for sweetness and comfort in the form of loving affection or food is strong now. This is a good time to baby yourself
and also to spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. Also, you are feeling rather tender and softhearted,
and may do something “maternal” on impulse (such as take home a stray kitten, offer to babysit, buy a gift for your family, etc.).

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Sun SSxt Merc

Communications, conversations, sending and receiving messages, and taking care of routine tasks that require mental clarity are
important activities now. It is a good time to present your ideas and point of view to others, as you express your thoughts clearly,
though you are not apt to listen as well. Buying, selling, or negotiating is likely to go well now.

3 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 4 May 2011) Ven SSqr Nep

Your romantic imagination is strong now. Dreams of an idealized “true love” or feelings of compassion and oneness with others
emerge strongly at this time.

Your perception of people gets rather hazy; you tend to see them through rose-colored glasses. It is best not to make firm
commitments at this time.

If you have creative or artistic inclinations, your work will blossom. You can come up with some really lovely, inspiring images.

4 May 2011 (14 Apr 2011 to 29 May 2011) Ura Conj Ven

Parties, celebrations, social gatherings, music, dance, and vacations are very high on your priority list now. You are in a swinging
mood and you seek fun and excitement.

4 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 5 May 2011) Ven Conj Mars

Your amorous desires and romantic urges are very strong now. In all of your relationships, whether romantic or not, you feel quite
warm and affectionate. You are less competitive, more interested in pleasing others, and creating harmony. You may also feel
compelled to do something creative or artistic, something to express your craving for beauty.

5 May 2011 (5 May 2011 to 6 May 2011) Sun Trine Moon

At this time you enjoy emotional satisfaction and harmony in your home life. Relationships with women run smoothly. If you have a
solid emotional base in your life, you will receive the benefits of that. If not, this is a good time to begin making connections with
people and also to discover what gives real emotional nourishment and fulfillment.

7 May 2011 (3 May 2011 to 11 May 2011) Jup Sesqu Asc

You feel confident, optimistic, and have faith in yourself to be able to come forth and be successful. You project yourself with
confidence at this time, and you receive a welcome response from others.

7 May 2011 (17 Apr 2011 to 4 June 2011) Ura SSxt Sun

Freedom, independence, and individuality are the key issues for this time period. You find it extremely difficult to continue in a
daily activity that is tedious, boring, or simply unexciting.

31 May 2011 (16 Jan 2011 to 11 July 2011) Plu Qucnx MC

There are major changes and developments in your career now. You are driven by a compulsive need to be successful in the
things that you really enjoy and feel drawn to, even if these areas are not in high demand or provide marketable products or services.

4 June 2011 (25 Apr 2011 to 13 July 2011) nep ssqr mars

Your attitude towards your work goes through some big ups and downs at this time. You become dissatisfied with modest and
mediocre progress. Your imagination gets fired up and you dream of grandiose accomplishments.