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New Website for Cybees Online Tarot


I have upgraded my website CYBEES ONLINE TAROT which can now be found at the following link. Cybeeonline You will find all the old stuff along with some new.

Learn Tarot for FREE


Learning the Tarot

Do you want to learn the Tarot for FREE? If the answer is YES, then read on.

I have built a web site that is rich with everything you can imagine about the Tarot and it’s all totally Free. This Blog is exactly what it says, ‘a blog’, nothing more and nothing less. I have added a few snippets from my main web site to this blog just to give you a flavour of  some of the topics and subjects covered.

My main web site is called “Cybee’s Online Tarot” and the site name is Cybeeonline
The site is protected from non-members and so that means you will have to Register (for FREE) before you can start using the site. Becoming a member is very simple and only takes a minute. Once you have Registered the whole site is open for you to do as you will.

The Doomsday Spread – 2088


The Year 2088 is a spread about Climate Change.

Below is the Tarot spread for the next 68 years and what is expected to happen over that period if nothing is done to reduce Climate Change.

The UN COP25 group failed to reach many of their targets this week, and even extended their two week talks by an extra 2 days and nights but still failed to achieve.


Client:  What should I do?

And this was the answer……



Cybee’s Psychic Celtic Cross – Spread

The meaning of life and understanding it.


To understand the meaning of life, read “The Fool’s Journey” it gives a sense of what each of us have to go through on our journey through life. The experiences, the people and things that we encounter that shape who we are, our character and personality that we adopt and eventually, who we become but that is not the end, we still need to carry on learning, understanding even making more mistakes. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn by them and the same is with our achievements too. Every day that we spend on this planet is precious and taking it for granted is just a waste. To understand the real meaning of life I look through other peoples eyes to see and try to feel what they are going through, that’s why I read Tarot, to understand what the other person is going through at that moment in time. While researching the history of Tarot I have probably read hundreds of books and documents about the subject and more but someone once said or wrote, that reading and understanding the story of the Fool on his journey through life was quite real and then he said, “I have reached a point in my life and feel there is more to do, so I read the Fool’s Journey again but this time I started at the end read back to the beginning and suddenly I began to truly understand the meaning of life and what I should do next.”
I have also tried this and found that had I not made certain mistakes and choices in my life I may have become someone else entirely and would probably not be writing this article today. I now pass on my experience and knowledge to others through my readings and consulting and found that to give is far more fulfilling to me than to take. A lesson I should have learned many years ago.

Chaos Theory verses Prediction


I feel that I have to put a certain theory or should I say acceptability through the wringer before my head explodes with trying to answer the question of ‘Predictability’. For over 30 years, people have asked me the question, how can using Tarot cards produce the answers to the future, tell fortunes, be able to predict the future. The only answer I can give is, “To be honest, I don’t know, but it does seem to work”. And the same goes for any other form of divination except Astrology, which is not a predictive tool but a system that identifies all aspects of our lives which relate to the planets influences which in turn affects our day-to-day actions and thoughts. Most Astrologers would probably explain the fact that we, (that is, us humans) have what’s called, ‘Freewill’, and so are able to choose how we wish to live our lives and ignore the influences the planets offer. Chaos theory has been around for many years and has been used by many Scientists, Physicists, etc, to work with all sorts of mathematical equations and scientific theory’s in the past and present and so I have no qualms of its existence. Chaos Theory does exist. So lets move on, to the next part of this article and that is, Prediction. But before I do, I would just like to add some outside information, which follows……

In experimental physics, there are always observational errors determining variables such as positions and velocities. So perfect prediction is practically impossible. Moreover, in modern quantum mechanics,Werner Heisenberg’s indeterminacy principle puts limits on the accuracy with which such quantities can be known. So such perfect predictability is also theoretically impossible. This paragraph is taken from Wikipedia on Predictability.

So, should I pack up my faithful Tarot cards and disappear into the wilderness because some physicists have proved that prediction is impossible or take the stance of, Freewill, and carry on dealing my cards to anyone who ask me to read for them. Well that has to be my decision and no one else’s. If I believe that divination works, to some extent, then why shouldn’t I carry on reading the Tarot and help others to understand the effects Tarot cards can have on their future. I also believe that, without Chaos there can be no Order and that gives me the strength to carry on reading my Tarot cards so at least I can assimilate some kind of order from the chaos my clients bring to me in their questions.

As I sit here shuffling my Tarot cards and wondering if I can predict the lottery numbers this week for £170 million I know deep down, that is all it is, a lottery. So how can I predict the exact 7 numbers from possibly a randomly generated sequence of several hundred millions to one. To be that accurate every week, would be either pure luck or simply amazing and unnatural. Yet some people win, how do they do it? Simple, they play the same numbers, week in and week out and by some coincidence they match the winning numbers. That is NOT predicting, it is pure luck on their behalf. There are hundreds of examples like that associated with gambling, maybe thousands. I will keep reading Tarot cards and writing about divination systems but that doesn’t say I can predict the future or maybe I can, it’s just that people don’t always tell me when I am accurately correct.
There are only two certainties in life, Death and Taxes – Benjamin Franklin 1789.


A very old and rare spread. Dr. Yoav refurbished the Tarot de Marseille which he named CBDTarot de Marseille.

Yoav Ben-Dov’s


They just keep coming. 🙄

They always ask?


When reading to clients these days I tend to talk a lot, in a sort of, thinking out loud, type of way as I lay out the cards. I obviously know what to expect as each card is drawn out because the client has given me the question to answer and so I might say something like, “let’s hope you get such and such a card” or “I hope you don’t get this card”. Generally one or both of the cards I’ve just suggested get drawn out at some point.

Q: The question that the client will always ask me is, “ How did you know that card or those cards would come out in the spread ”?
A: The answer I would always give is, “ I didn’t know ”.

Over many years of doing live readings, sometimes called, one-to-one readings or open readings, I have noticed many ways the cards start to give you, as a reader, more and more insight, intuition, expectation and of course experience in interpreting a reading so that I, as a reader can give to my client honest, clear, truthful and unbiased answers to their question/situation.

I always tell my clients, “ that the cards never lie ”, only people do.


Whenever you do a Tarot reading, you have to look at the past to reveal the future. I sometimes wonder though when I see these Tarot readers advertising a 1 card reading to clients. Yes, as a meditating card you can use just one card but surely not for a clients reading, even if it is FREE. How do you get, past, present and future from 1 card? The answer is, you can’t! That’s why somebody had this amazing idea to invent, “The 3 Card” spread. Of course I’m being cynical about it so stop doing it. Give the client the facts and stop being lazy or tight. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Why do we look at the past to reflect or reveal the future? Well I have to say it’s just logical, it’s part of human nature to look back in time and history just so that we can understand the rights and wrongs that people have made in the past and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes that others have. It also helps us to learn by our own past history and rectify any of the bad choices we may have made along our chosen paths. You see now, the terminology that I have been using has been written into the Tarot along with its symbolism.
The Fools Journey is an excellent example of how we have to choose the correct paths to tread throughout our own individual life’s journey. Life is too short and precarious to gamble with and like the old knight who guards the Holy Grail, says to Indiana Jones “to choose wisely” when he looks at all the chalice’s to choose from. History is the book of life and a proficient reader can determine the outcome accurately from the scrutinising of any and all cards that are positioned in the past places of a spread. If you take a look at my, Psychic Celtic Cross spread you will see that I describe some of the positions of the cards as both, recent past and distant past and allows me to gather enough factual information just like glue. This in turn with the present positioned cards give me the tools and resources to construct a professional and accurate reading.

That my dear friends and colleagues is why we all need to reflect on the past.


I am often asked, “Who invented the Tarot?”

The Chicken or the Egg?